Proud to be a morning person

So I think you are either a morning or an evening person…and I am no doubt a morning person!

I would much rather get up at 5am for the day than I would be out until 11pm at night.

I could use the excuse that I am a parent of a young child so this is generally the way it works…but I have always been this way. Even when I was a bit younger. I have always woken up early but been in my pyjamas from 7pm.


I am happier in the mornings and able to cope with more situations. A toddler tantrum in the morning I can deal with…but there is a 99% chance I will lose my shit with a tantrum in the evening.

I usually do all my difficult work in the mornings as I work a lot quicker and smarter. Gym sessions are better in the mornings too. My slow down point is usually about 2pm.

My stop point is 7pm.

7pm means pj’s, food, watching the soaps and catching up with social media with a cup of tea (or glass of wine depending on what sort of day it has been).

Date nights never work in our house as we are asleep by 9.30pm most evenings, weekends included.

Of course, getting up at 6.00am every day would naturally leave anyone more tired in the evening. I just love my pj’s and bed so much that I wouldn’t even wish I could change it.

This week I did take a leap out of my comfort zone because I went to a pilates class at my gym in the evening. I didn’t get home until 8.30pm! Check me out!

I did really enjoy it and I will make it a frequent class that I go to…plus, I was still in bed for 9.30pm.

So go on, are you are a morning or an evening person?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Stopping at two

3 thoughts on “Proud to be a morning person

  1. I feel like I SHOULD be a morning person. My little ones wake me up at 6:30, but I’m so not!! I don’t wake up properly till at least 10, even if I look like I’m functioning like a normal mum, i’m half asleep! Haha.
    I stay up far too late, probably about 1ish most nights. :/
    I really need to sort out my sleep. Haha
    Sarah xx

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