The reality of my sick day

So a lot of people love sick days. If they have coughs or colds or feel a little under the weather, they choose not to go to work, and call in sick. Some people even use sick days even if they aren’t sick….tut tut!

This is possibly one of the benefits of being a working parent….your child can still go to nursery, and you can have a day feeling sorry for yourself at home. If you are a stay at home parent, you have to either call in help from family or just carry on and battle through.

The dream of lazing at home in bed all day, watching day time TV, eating rubbish, drinking hot cups of tea and staying in your pjyamas are a lovely thought, until…..

You are actually sick. Not talking sniffles and a sore throat. Actually sick.

im sick

So Monday night, I was sick. I am never ill. I am not a good sick person so it is a good job really.

Tuesday I attempted to get up and go to work. I managed to get down the stairs and to let the cat out before deciding there was no chance.

I admitted defeat. I had to have a sick day.

My sick day involved lying in bed feeling very sorry for myself, trying to sleep to forget how sick I felt, and trying to eat anything beige – toast, crumpets etc, and drinking orange squash.

There was no hot cups of tea and eating rubbish like biscuits and chocolate. No opportunity of snoozing outside in the sunshine to get a bit of colour into my pale face.

I was officially a sick person….and it sucked!

live well

After 2 horrible days feeling rubbish, I am now fighting fit again – back to work and mummy-hood with a leap and a jump.

Roll on the weekend. What are you all up to?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

A Cornish Mum



19 thoughts on “The reality of my sick day

  1. Oooh glad you are feeling better! I too can’t stand sick days, especially when you still have to be on mum duty! I suffer with a problem where I faint each time I am sick so can’t really be left with the kids if I have a tummy bug. So I dread it if I hear of a bug going round!! Luckily (fingers crossed) we haven’t had one for a couple of years now.. *tempts fate*. Hope you get a chance to enjoy the weekend xx Kathy #PicknMix

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  2. Oh I am a terrible sick person, I can’t stand it! Even more so since I have become a mum because now I am not even allowed to be sick, just have to soldier through 😕 Glad you are feeling better! #justanotherlinky

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  3. Ahh sorry you’ve been poorly. I too have had a bad week, I ended up in hospital at the weekend and have felt sick all week but with four children and half term, my sick days involved dealing with three hyped up toddlers and a 12 year old who wanted entertaining! Sick days when you have kids are a whole different story aren’t they? I’m so glad its weekend and I can lay in bed!! #justanotherlinky

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  4. A post D+V sick day is utter crap. I can’t eat, can’t even drink water so I feel even worse. I’m achy, hot and nauseous so it is the worst. I’m just lucky that hubby takes a day off if it’s not a nursery day! Glad you feel better lovely; it really does suck xx #justanotherlinky

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  5. I had a bout of mastitis a month or so ago, and it was absolutely miserable. Days when you really are ‘sick’ are just brutal-but I’m happy you were able to focus on recovering! I hope getting back to work is smooth and easy, and I’m glad you’re feeling better ❤ #justanotherlinky

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  6. Bleughh! Reading this from my sick bed having been struck down by what I can only consider to be food poisoning! I feel shocking! But luckily the husband is home to have the kids. Made it downstairs for some water only to have to lay on the kitchen floor for 10 mins before I could make it back upstairs. We have no nursery places on a Monday so we would have really struggled today otherwise! Pleased you’re feeling better and thanks for sharing. Sending you a clammy high five x

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  7. Aww glad you’re feeling better now! Yes, I hate being sick – hate the invalid feeling. & real sick days are never as much fun as they sound. (Little bit sick but could have gone to work really days were always quite fun back in the day!) Sadly, have had a series of nasty bugs since Feb, so not doing too well on the sick front this year. & I still have to look after my two toddlers – fun! 😀 Though I had my first illness since having kids where I couldn’t do it & OH had to stay home for one day of it in March. I was literally throwing up every 5 minutes, & so was one of the kids – I decided I actually did need his help for that! We avoid him having to stay home as he loses pay, but we have no family nearby so no other option if I am really incapacitated. #justanotherlinky

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