A bit of me time…

Does work count as me time? I would say no, but a lot of others may disagree as it is time away from the children.

I would say ‘me time’ is time away from being mummy/wife/colleague/boss etc and doing something that you want to do.

This week I was lucky enough to book a half day off work and spend that 4 lovely hours getting my hair done, going to the gym and catching up on The Housewives of Cheshire with a hot cup of tea. I even managed to pop into Zara to treat myself to a couple of new bits. After, I felt refreshed and happy, and when I went to pick little man up from nursery I was in a really good mood which then reflected on him. He was also happy and a good boy for his bath and bedtime.

That to me was quality me time. Of course, even small things when you are a mum count as me time. The hour between putting your child to bed, and then you going to bed yourself…going for a run or doing a class at the local gym or just getting a friend over for a glass of wine one night (or chocolate and a cup of tea).

There is no true definition of me time….but we all agree it is really important to keep us all sane.

Do you remember the days that you used to wander round town without a care in the world? Browsing the new fashions. Stopping for a coffee and cake. A phone call was made to discuss with hubby about where to go and eat that night.

When was the last time you did that? As a parent, I think me time is so overlooked and almost frowned upon these days.

You can hear them in the back of your head saying how dare you want to spend an hour in town without a care in the world? You are a parent now, there is no such thing as me time.

To a certain point, they are right. As I said before, sometimes the small things count as me time if it really comes down to it.

But every now and again, just to feel like you, rather than mummy/wife/colleague/boss, it is so important to get a couple of hours away to do something you really want to do.

So as I write this, I am sat at the table feeding my toddler breakfast (clearly too lazy to do it himself this morning). I worked all day yesterday and my feet are burning. There is a wash on ready to go on the line in the sunshine. Today I am mummy and wife.

And that is the only thing I want to be today.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Everything Mummy


2 thoughts on “A bit of me time…

  1. Wow that was a productive four hours! Sounds heaven…I really miss being able to take a cheeky half day to have some me time – its somewhat taking the mick when you’re a stay at home mun to ask someone to have the kids so you can ‘do nothing’! But we have to take what we can get, as you say. And it’s not forever…
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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