An easy way to brighten up any room

We have just finished decorating our house recently, and I am in the process of adding a bit of a colour pop to each of our main living areas.

Adding these little finishing touches makes the house feel so much more homely and welcoming. The fact that it is spring and the sun is finally starting to shine means that I want to find vibrant and cheerful accessories to brighten everything up.

However, having spent a lot of money on painting and wallpapering, my budget for home furnishings isn’t exactly a big one.

I never used to be much in to home furnishings and accessories. However I can get lost on the third floor of John Lewis these days wandering around the bedding sections, bathroom accessories and pondering over paintings and wall art.

My new love has got to be cushions. A cushion can lift any room in a second. I also love cushions with a quirky message, vintage effect or a different pattern. They can also be inexpensive, which definitely helps when I have a little budget left to spend.

Yorkshire Linen has some beautiful boudoir cushions available at the moment which I have totally fallen in love with.

Cushions are just the easiest and simplest way of immediately adding personality and colour in to a room.

Yorkshire Linen has an extensive range of over 220 differing cushion covers available in a host of styles and designs to suit all homes.

So if you make one purchase for your house this Spring, make sure you buy a couple of cushions and brighten up your house.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

*This is a collaborated post effort

A Cornish Mum



6 thoughts on “An easy way to brighten up any room

  1. We’ve been doing some spring cleaning and redecorating, and I was just trying to think of a way to add some life into our living room. With my son now 1, toys are constantly strewn everywhere and I think that adding some lovely cushions like the ones you’ve shared will just help with the homey feel. Thanks so much for the tip! #justanotherlinky

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