A calm weekend before a stormy summer

We had a busy, yet lazy couple of days this weekend with lots of chores needing to get done. Hubby is currently very proud of his tool box and his new ability to drill holes in to walls, without leaving a massive path of destruction behind him. This means that anything that needs fixing or putting up, is getting done.

It was also our last weekend as a family until September. Hubby used to play cricket professionally, and for the past few years even though he is retired from the sport, he gets asked to play for a club on a Saturday.

For the past few years this club has been in Birmingham, but this year it is only a few half an hour down the road from us.

This means that on a Saturday, I can take little man to watch daddy, and he can have tea and a run around with him and the guys in the afternoon.

The pressure during the summer on us as a family is intense. Monday to Friday is full on all year round, and then I also work some weekends too, having quite a seasonal job in terms of pressures and busy event days.

Having no family around, there is no other option but for me to work Sunday events as I cannot work on a Saturday. There will be nights over the next few months that I will be up on my laptop working late. Weekends where we pass like ships in the night.

So, my plan of action is to ensure that we go down and visit daddy on as many Saturday afternoons as we can. It isn’t just hard for me looking after little man on my own, but also for hubby missing out on a day with him on what is supposed to be our family weekends.

I want to make sure that our time as a family isn’t affected during the next few months.

My next plan of action is to organise a mini break for us at the end of September. To celebrate another busy year almost being over, and to give us something to focus on…Center Parcs has got to be on the cards, it is my new favourite place!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Best of Worst

4 thoughts on “A calm weekend before a stormy summer

  1. Sounds like it will be a busy time, but you have plans in place to reduce the stress. My dad used t play for a cricket club when I was a child, and I loved going down to watch on Saturdays. There were sweets for sale and bluebell woods surrounding the grounds! (These factors may explain why, despite many Saturdays watching my dad play, I don’t actually understand cricket!) #bestandworst

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  2. You do sound like a busy bee! I love that your hubby has a new toy to play with, my hubby is just the same and as soon as he gets something like a new drill things just seem to get done! Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

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