Controlled crying : A need to know guide

Since 3 months old, little man has been a good little sleeper. This hasn’t been because of luck though, I promise.

I would lie there when he was first born, begging for just half an hour of unbroken sleep. The thought of ever being able to get a full nights sleep seemed a near impossible task.

So after giving up, deciding to move on from breast feeding to bottle feeding, he instantly started getting better sleep and settling more – although not in his moses basket.

A habit that we had formed whilst battling breast feeding, was letting him comfort feed, which led to falling asleep on me all the time.

Once we started bottle feeding, it was time for me to take control and help him see that he was much more comfortable going to sleep in his own space.

I followed the EASY schedule. The idea being that he learnt to self soothe and fall asleep on his own, not after feeding.

E – Eat

A – Activity

S – Sleep

Y – Yourself

It was the hardest but the best thing we have achieved as a mother and son. Keeping him awake after feeding was one battle, but the war was trying to get him to fall asleep on his own.

I started putting him in his cot when he was tired, and putting some white noise on my phone to get him to sleep. When I walked out he would cry. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

I would go back in after 1 minute, pat him and reassure him, and then leave quietly. I would then repeat after 5 minutes, then 10 minutes until he finally went to sleep. Because they do go to sleep, I promise.

Yes, I sat on the stairs crying when he was crying. I wanted to go back in so many times. I had to persevere and never give in – never give up.

Yes, they try it on because they are cleverer than we give them credit for. They know exactly what they are doing. Even now, at 19 months old, he plays me and hubby off against each other.

Every day, nap time got easier. We got in to our EASY routine. This then helped with bed time. When he was going to bed at 7pm, if the same needed to be done, letting him cry it out for a while, then that would be what we would do.

He finally decided he didn’t need any night feeds, so he started sleeping through. Self soothing his way through 12 hours of peaceful sleeping.

Of course, when he is ill we are there. We get up with him, I do what he wants me to do.

Even the last 3 days, he regressed slightly and started crying when he went in his cot. Possibly due to the light evenings, and him not wanting to go to bed. I left him to it, knowing he didn’t need me, he was fine. He was just tired and needed to let it all out before he fell asleep into his dream world for the night.

I am not a horrible mummy. I love my little boy. I did the controlled crying and it worked for us. It might not work for every mummy out there and that is okay.

I know lots of different mummy’s that parent their children differently.

All I want to do is let you all know that if you want to do it, it does work, and it will be okay…I promise.

Have you tried controlled crying? Does it work for your family?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mami 2 Five

3 thoughts on “Controlled crying : A need to know guide

  1. We did do controlled crying with BB and it worked, but haven’t with Little B as I don’t have the heart. Perhaps it’s something to do with the miscarriages before him, but I just can’t leave him crying! #sundaystars

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