Our Cornish Getaway

So we are back in to the swing of normal life after spending 6 days in Cornwall over Easter. Predictably the weather was dreadful, so we had to come to terms with the fact that we would just get wet.

Thursday we had a lazy day, popped to the park and just caught up with our family being the first day there and also being exhausted from arriving at midnight. Luckily Nanny was on hand at 6.30am to get little man up.

Friday, we decided being the best day of the week that we would go to the beach and go rock pooling. We had a lovely morning making the most of the weather, and then in the afternoon we had an important appointment at the hair dresser. Little man’s Auntie is a hair dresser so we took him to get his first hair cut. He was such a good boy, which surprised us all to be honest.

We visited Paradise Park over the weekend which was fab. Little man loved it. It was relatively quiet as the weather was shocking so little man got to feed and meet the penguins. They all got named Mumbles from Happy Feet. Little mans Uncle had a great time getting involved too, especially in the soft play area.

Easter Monday and it was time to go on the train down to St Ives. Little man had never been on one before, and he wasn’t sure to start with. He started to enjoy it after a while and then walked all the way round St Ives so tired himself out.

train journey

On our last day Nanny and Grandad took little man out for the morning on their own to spend some time with him before we left that evening. Hubby and I went on a date lunch which was lovely. I had the biggest glass of wine hoping i would sleep on the car journey home…this didn’t happen.

lunch date

Overall we had such a lovely time away. We had a great break and it was just the right amount of time spent down there. 

We all cried when we said good bye. It is horrible saying bye when you know our trip means so much to the family. They are already counting down the weeks until they come up to us in May for the weekend.

As for the journey home…well that is for next time….

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

A Cornish Mum

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