The changing behaviours of a toddler

There is no doubt about it, the toddler stage is definitely harder than the baby stage but for very different reasons. I wrote about the toddler phases here.

Little man is learning new things every second he is awake at the moment. It took him 3 attempts to play a video on the iPad (he has never been on an iPad before).

When he first became a toddler, he only had hubby and I to contend with on a daily basis. He knows we mean what we say and he can’t get away with his tantrums and strops (unless we are out in public). Yes I give in to public pressures and peoples disapproving stares just to keep him quiet, I admit it!

However, spending over a week with him shows just how clever toddlers really are.

He has spent the whole time following his Nanny and Grandad around, being as good as gold, listening to everything they say. He plays happily with his Uncles and has a lovely time when we all go out together.

When it comes to meal time or me needing to be the person that says no when he is being a little naughty or throwing food round the dining room, he chooses to ignore me totally…or have a full on meltdown.

I don’t want people to think he is spoilt and that he always gets what he wants. He doesn’t. We are actually incredibly strict with him.

He just chooses to ignore hubby and I totally when there is fun and laughter to be had. As he doesn’t have his family around him all the time, he doesn’t really understand that he still has to listen to his parents.

We have all had so much fun. He has got tired quicker over the last week because he wants to constantly be on the go.

It has just been difficult being the one to make him have a complete meltdown because someone has to be the person that says no, or tells him it is time for bed.

Why does this always fall to the mother anyway? Maybe that is another subject!

So please tell me, how does your child react when you try to discipline them when you are out with other family? Do you have similar issues where your toddler plays everyone off against each other?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO




3 thoughts on “The changing behaviours of a toddler

  1. Its hard to discipline toddlers because I don’t think they really know the meaning of NO and fully understand consequences. I try to just distract them with something else and make them do what I want thinking it was their idea 🙂 It doesn’t always work though!


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  2. I find there is little point in telling Piglet off as he doesn’t really understand it yet. The only thing you can do really is distract them. My mother, on the other hand, is convinced that I am “too soft” and “making a rod for my own back,” but I’m still hopeful this is not the case! #justanotherlinky

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