Survival Guide to Easter Weekend

Easter weekend should come with a warning. 9 times out of 10 the weekend is wet and windy, giving us hyperactive children that are desperate for fresh air. Plus they should be filled with chocolate and sweets adding to their ever growing hyper active states.

So here is my survival guide to Easter Weekend –

Limit chocolate eggs to breakfast (obviously to avoid temper tantrums), and after meals. Also, try to get family and friends to buy clothes and little gifts rather than chocolate.

Make Easter Sunday fun by doing an Easter egg hunt inside if the weather is rubbish. Get your children to hide little eggs round the house for you to find, or vice versa. Which ever makes it more fun for them to play.

Make lots of plans with family. We are down in Cornwall for a while over Easter. As lovely as 4 days at home just hubby, little man and I sound, sometimes it can get difficult and a little stressful if we cannot even take him out if the weather is bad. At least if we are around family, we can all entertain him and keep him occupied.

Have a roast dinner on Sunday. Less survival and more totally necessary. Who doesn’t have a roast dinner on Easter Sunday?

Clocks going forward on Easter Sunday! Oh dear. For us with little children, this is probably the easiest way round for us to deal with. Make sure you start putting the little ones to bed 15 minutes earlier on Friday and then 15 minutes again on Saturday night so getting them up an hour earlier isn’t so bad. That is why it is also important to make Sunday a really busy day, trying to keep timings as normal to give them a good opportunity to go to bed at the new time.

Get out for a walk. If it is raining, wrap up warm and keep going.With little children, as long as it isn’t totally torrential rain and gale force winds (isn’t that Saturday?!), go for a walk and a run around.

Have a fab Easter everyone. Enjoy lots of chocolate, family time and walks in the rain.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

A Cornish Mum



9 thoughts on “Survival Guide to Easter Weekend

  1. Wonderful tips! Here in NZ it is definitely gearing up to be a wet and wild Easter weekend. Boo. I love your suggestion for a roast dinner on Easter Sunday – I’ve never done that before and think I’m going to make it a new family tradition.

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  2. It was quite nice today waking up at 8.30, the children slept! We did Easter yesterday as we had OHs kids yesterday. So today we are laying in bed, Disney on the laptop chilling.


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