Our house is now our home!

So if you didn’t already know, we have had our house turned upside down over the past 2 weeks as we have had a lot of painting and decorating done.

We moved into a brand new house 18 months ago, so we had it in our heads that year 2, we would decorate and make it our home rather than just a house.

I have never been so confused with colours, patterns, matching schemes and furniture. I had to make decisions on it all for nearly every single room in our house.

It did mean that the wall paper I chose for the feature wall in our bedroom didn’t go with our duvet cover so I had to do an emergency purchase in John Lewis for some bits and pieces. What a shame….

I forget how much I love buying things for the house, and also how much of an impact the house actually has on you as a person.

I am the tidiest person that a lot of people know (they do like to tell me all the time). So the fact that the house was tipped upside down for 2 weeks was far from ideal.

With having little man, moving out for a while wasn’t an option. At least we were not doing his room too. The only disruption he had was that he went straight upstairs for bath and to watch TV before bed rather than play downstairs for a week.

Hubby and I slept in a spare room for a week, and then lived upstairs for the 2nd week, trying to find meals that cook in the oven as everything was so dusty. The other spare room was a dumping ground for furniture that needed moving out of everywhere else.

Evenings were spent cleaning up the dust and mess that the decorator had left, and making it look as tidy as physically possible – which was not possible anyway.

Sometimes it is difficult to look at the bigger picture. This was one of those times.

I am so glad I fought my anxiety and OCD demons and we got through relatively unscathed.

After 4 hours on Friday night putting the house back together again, sitting back with a cuppa and fish & chips at 9pm at night (it would have been wine, but I was too tired), it was clear that it was all worth it.

My house is officially a home.

Do you like to buy things for the home? What would you want to do for your next home improvements?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Run Jump Scrap!

5 thoughts on “Our house is now our home!

  1. I love to buy “finishing touches” for the home. We moved into a new home *coughs* 4 years ago, and we still haven’t really decorated. We’ve touched up the magnolia here and there, but this week we actually painted one of the rooms an actual colour! It blew my mind and I now want to run out and decorate the whole house. I adore wall art and soft furnishings though and I agree that they really do make your house a home. Lovely pictures! I can imagine how proud you must have felt at 9pm on Friday night!

    Dawn x

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  2. I’m sooooooooo jealous. We bought our house about 18 months ago and we are still in the “its ok our house is technicolour” stage. I can’t wait to get stuck into decorating our kitchen and I’m inspired by your colour palette. Loving the petrol blue walls with the wood. Gorgeous. Keep the pictures coming. Renee @peonieandme #bestandworst x

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  3. Wow! Decorating your house all at once is quite a feat! We started painting, installing hardwoods, etc in stages but you never quite get away from your stuff being out everywhere by doing it that way. Congratulations, it looks great! And best part is, you have your home back! #bestandworst

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