Daddy Daycare

So today I am at work. Only until midday but at work none the less.

That means this morning little man is in Daddy daycare. Now I know it shouldn’t be made to be a big deal, a dad looking after his child on his own, but I can’t help but feel guilty for leaving them both.

Weekends are for family time. During the week, we all have work and nursery full time. Weekends we spend together out running errands and exploring new places and seeing new things.

So today, the fact that I have to work is far from ideal.

I am also away for 2 days on a course on Tuesday and Wednesday. It really is a week for Daddy to look after little man whilst I concentrate on work before our Easter break to Cornwall. Not long until we can all be together for a week with the family.

As Mums, we do tend to stress about things that Dads wouldn’t. Here are a list of things I have either thought of or asked hubby this morning already:

  1. Will you make sure he has hot food for lunch in case we go out for tea when I get back home?
  2. The fish fingers take 15 minutes in the oven. Why I feel the need to state the obvious I have no idea.
  3. Sometimes you have to be careful giving him his breakfast as he feeds himself but also likes to use his quick reflexes to launch rice crispies over the dining room.
  4. Remember he still needs his anti-biotics before nap time.
  5. Can you put him down for his nap at about midday?
  6. Will you change his nappy before his nap?
  7. If you get bored, take him down to the park for a run around so he doesn’t tear up the house.
  8. I have put a wash on before I left this morning. Please can you get it out and on the line to dry before I get home?
  9. There are grapes in the fridge for a snack.
  10. Remember to cut the grapes long ways only.

The things as Mums, we/I tend to worry about are ridiculous. My husband is an amazing Dad.

They will have a great morning together and Mummy will only come home and ruin it this afternoon anyway.

So Daddy Daycare is officially in full swing for a few days before holiday whilst Mummy comes and goes for a while.

What do you tend to worry about when Daddy is left in charge of your little ones?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


Everything Mummy



6 thoughts on “Daddy Daycare

  1. I do worry, a little silly really though, when my partner looks after my daughter but it turns out she’s nicer to him and they often have a great time. That guilt of going out is no longer as strong. The longest was a recent weekend away for a Hen party where I was away for two nights and my daughter wasn’t actually with her dad. It was the longest I’ve been away from her where she’s been in my partners care but it turns out there was no need for me to worry at all. I love that about my partner, that he’s here for my daughter despite not being her biological father. It’s a great feeling. #SundayStars

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  2. Oh goodness I worry about everything, even if I have to leave them for an hour, and I don’t need to as Mr C does a fab job. I worry that he is going to forget dinner is on and burn the house down, or that he is going to shrink all of the clothes in the wash! #sundaystars

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  3. I definitely relate to this, happens every time even though my other half is a fantastic Dad. I had a couple of nights away at a hen do and I think it was the guilt on my part that I wasn’t there…but everything went great and I think they had a wonderful time together! x

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  4. haha, when me and my girls dad were still together I was exactly the same I even am still a little now we’ve separated and he has them loads by himself just the control freak mum in me coming out 😉 Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars x

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  5. This is so true. I always feel like that too. I find myself saying ‘do you mind just watching her for 5 minutes while I go for a shower’, yet if he wants to shower he just goes…no problem.

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