A letter from a poorly boy to a full time working mum

Dear Mummy

I am sorry that I have been so poorly recently. All my friends at nursery have had colds and coughs and so I must have caught something really bad off them.

I know I am poorly a lot and you may not know when I need to go to the doctor and get some medicines. I do try and tell you by being miserable and not wanting to play, but sometimes you just let me carry on and hope I will get better on my own.

Mummy, I understand you want me to be tough and fight through when I am poorly, and I do try. I am a fighter and get through lots of coughs and colds, and sicky days and they usually don’t bother me anyway.

I know you work full time and you need to send me to nursery so you can earn money to buy me nice things and take me to nice places. Sometimes though Mummy I just want a duvet day and a snuggle on the sofa watching CBeebies.

I am sorry when nursery have to call you to tell me I have a temperature and that I need some calpol. Calpol is yummy at nursery, but when you give it to me at home, I pretend I don’t like it as I want to make you feel bad and guilty for leaving me.

I also don’t like it when I wake up in the morning and am trying to drink my milk in peace while you are peeling all the dry snot off my nose. You wouldn’t like it if you just woke up and I start poking you in the face, which is why I only do this when I want you to get up at the weekend.

Mummy, I have a chest infection and feel really bad. I know the doctor poked and prodded me and gave me so different yucky medicine to take to make me better.

Thank you for the nice smelling thing in my room that helps me breathe and for rubbing some smelly jelly on my feet and tummy before bed time. It helps me sleep a bit better.

I love you Mummy, even though I know you find it difficult to know when I am really poorly or if I am just a little under the weather.

I know you sat and cried when you dropped me off at nursery on Thursday as you didn’t know what to do for the best, and you were worried about me. I know you love me more than anything and don’t stop thinking about me, even when I am not poorly.

Mummy, just know that it is okay and I love you.

Little Man XOXO


A Cornish Mum




10 thoughts on “A letter from a poorly boy to a full time working mum

  1. Aww this reminds me of when I worked FT and my boy was under 5. He had constant tonsillitis and I had such a battle to know what to do for the best. Hope he feels better soon – don’t beat yourself up, take one day at a time. You’re doing a great job x #TwinklyTuesday

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  2. Aww – this brought a tear to my eye! I’m due back at work in a few months and I’m already dreading all the colds and infections that the Popple is going to pick up at nursery. It’s going to be so hard to leave her there, especially if she’s not feeling 100%. #TwinklyTuesday


  3. It’s so hard to deal with sickness and work. Wondering just how poorly they have to feel in order for you to decide to stay at home. I’ll never forget the time I got to nursery and turned round to see my boy looking so ill. I took him straight back home and told work he needed me. It’s really not easy being a working mum but is ten times harder when they are sick. I hope he’s feeling better now. This is such a gorgeous letter 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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