When you know Spring is finally here…

So Spring is finally here. It has been such a lovely weekend for the weather, and I even put my washing out on the line.

Spring has got to be my favourite season. It doesn’t get as hot as summer does (being a redhead, I burn easily), and I like the daffodils, tulips and blossom. It is also the time that everyone starts to get a bit happier because of the lighter mornings and evenings.


You finally feel you can come out of hibernation from the horrible winter. So here is my first day of spring to do list:

  • Put the washing on the line – I love washing that’s been outside drying. It smells and feels so much nicer than when it dries on the clothes line indoors
  • Put the UGG boots away and wear ballet pumps with jeans instead
  • Shave your legs just in case you decide to put on a skirt
  • Try and find a flowery top to wear, or a light jumper, realise you don’t own any, so go on a spring spending spree much to hubby’s dismay
  • Start thinking about salads and rice based dinners rather than pastas and stews
  • Try and find a new colourful breakfast to replace boring porridge. I like porridge actually, but it just doesn’t feel right eating it when it is sunny
  • Buy fruit…..just because it feels like the right thing to do
  • Try and find those Ray Ban sunglasses to put in the car for sunny morning commutes
  • Think about doing a spring clean….just thinking, not necessarily finding the time to do it
  • Get the garden furniture out and realise that it is really dusty and full of cobwebs. Contemplate buying a new set so you don’t need to clean it all


That is my list of when you know Spring is finally here. What would you add to the list of Spring to do’s?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



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