The Mothers Day Reality

Happy Mothers Day to all those mums out there. I am celebrating my second Mothers Day now little man is 18 months old.

Sometimes there is so much pressure on days like these to make sure that everything is perfect and that presents out do the previous years. Birthdays, Valentines Day, Fathers Day, mum’s can all get involved with, so you know it will run smoothly and meet expectations.

Mothers Day is a day where Dads need to take control (depending on the age of the child obviously) meaning that anything can happen.

So while us Mums are hoping for the perfect day, the reality is this:

  1. The dream of a lie in and breakfast in bed gets burst when you get woken up pre 6am to deal with a hyperactive toddler. Hubby goes to make you a token cup of tea.
  2. The sentimental gifts and pictures expected from the toddler actually is hubby quickly trying to get them to draw on the card as he hasn’t had chance to sort it out before the morning.
  3. The nice country walk and coffee and cake is replaced by staying in due to toddler tantrums, and sending hubby to go to the shop for a victoria sponge.
  4. Roast dinner is ruined by toddler refusing to eat any of it and throwing it all on the floor.
  5. The final resort is watching the clock until bath time arrives after a long stressful day, so you can enjoy a glass of wine, a bath and a book….on your own.

Now last year I actually ended up driving myself to our local hospital as I was really ill on Mothers Day. I then spent the majority of the day laid on the sofa whilst hubby entertained our 7 month old.

So the reality for me is anything will be better than my first Mothers Day.

We may all have the Mothers Day dream, and we may get annoyed or frustrated when things don’t quite go that way. We just need to remember that we already have the best gift we could ask for anyway….our children. Who really needs anything else?

How is your mothers day? Is it living up to expectations or has the reality hit you already?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mami 2 Five

10 thoughts on “The Mothers Day Reality

  1. My Mothers Days are usually spent celebrating the Grandmas in our lives. A blessing because we have them as an integral part of our lives, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit wishing the day could be a little more focused on my own little family. Enjoy your day, no matter how it turns out 🙂

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  2. My Mother’s Day has been lovely. Hubby did well with present – bathsalts and Selfish Mother MOTHER jumper that I wanted. We had Frankie and Bennies breakfast, Sunday lunch for tea, I did some blogging in Naptime and went to bingo in the evening. Can’t complain x

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  3. My early mother’s days were always a bit rubbish and never quite how I imagined. They are much better now the kids are older and I can just sit in the car while they go in the shoplol. I even manage my lie ins and breakfast in bed now too! Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars

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