The toddler phases

Nothing prepares you for motherhood. Not words of wisdom from family, not trawling through the internet and reading parenting books.

The only thing that can prepare you is you.

Now getting through the baby stage is one thing. Getting through the toddler stage is a whole other ball game.

I was not a fan of the baby stage at all. It wasn’t for me. The fact that I can interact with my toddler now, and get an idea of what he wants, is easier…but then difficult in other ways.

Having a stubborn toddler is hilarious, but frustrating. The phases he goes through on a daily/weekly/monthly basis that you think will never pass, do.

It is all about persevering and just going with it. Something I didn’t do when he was a baby, which is why I didn’t enjoy it as much as I maybe should have.

The phases we have had to contend with so far are –

Going absolutely nuts when trying to get him in the car. Anyone would think we were torturing the poor little man.

Not being able to leave the house without a box of raisins in his hand. This actually helped and replaced the first phase, so at least he was quiet in the car at 7am on a Monday morning rather than screaming the cul de sac down.

Wriggling and running round after bath time and at nappy times. It used to be like performing some sort of wrestling move on him to keep him still. This does occasionally pop up now and again but he is so much better than he used to be.

Eating used to be a huge effort at home. He didn’t eat anything apart from snacks. He now eats sandwiches for lunch, and is starting to eat more hot food for dinner.

Wanting to play in the kitchen at the weekend. He would enjoy playing more with the plates or pots and pans in the cupboards than in his play room. It got so bad that we had to close the kitchen doors to stop him getting in. When he was tall enough to reach the handles, we had to push a chair against it as well.

At the time they seemed like huge problems. Having never had a child before, as a parent you learn on the job.


What stressed me out before no longer has an effect on me. Writing these phases down makes me laugh and remember those times that he was learning, testing boundaries and getting to know right from wrong.

This I am afraid is just the start. But I am in the toddler stage with my eyes wide open. Enjoying it, learning, listening and teaching as best I can.

So I am aware there will be many phases to come. I cannot wait to look back at another 6 months on what he has grown out of next.

What phases have your little ones been through that you can look back on and laugh?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mami 2 Five

4 thoughts on “The toddler phases

  1. I can totally relate to this – I didn’t enjoy the baby stage at all, and I find having a toddler who can interact with you, who has his own little personality, far easier and more enjoyable, even with all the difficulties that toddlerhood involves!

    My little boy’s current favourite thing is to play chase, which he thinks is hilarious – not so funny for me when I’m trying to get him dressed / brush his teeth / change his nappy! If I lock the bathroom door to stop him running out onto the landing then we get an almighty tantrum!

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  2. Funny, because we sailed through the toddler phase with child#1…who was a tricky baby. I have a feeling her little sister, who was the most chilled baby ever, will be putting us through our paces as she grows into toddlerhood! Feisty, fast and fearless 😐 Wouldn;t change her for the world though x
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

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  3. It’s funny hearing this from someone else, it reminds me that there are some things you just need to wait for them to outgrow – and they will! Some of our worst phases have been shrieking (that one comes and goes, gone at the minute) and trying to touch his tonsils – urgh! We did everything we could think of to stop him doing these things, but nothing worked and he just stopped on his own. Kind of cute that your toddler had to take a box of raisins everywhere 🙂

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