Can you make yourself happy?

I read an article in my local newspaper this week that said a local council will be running courses teaching residents how to be happy.

It got me thinking – is life really that bad that people need help making themselves happy?

Apparently these are the proven keys to happiness –

  1. Take a pledge to be happy
  2. Do kind things for others
  3. Thank people that you are grateful to
  4. Find three good things every day
  5. Look for the good in those around you
  6. Bring mindfulness into your day
  7. Find your strengths and focus on them
  8. Ask for help if you need it
  9. Help children build emotional resilience
  10. Volunteer your time

Now I actually find it really hard to be positive and happy on a daily basis, yet I don’t think I could go on a course on how to be happy. I couldn’t discuss this in a room full of people.

It is important, especially being a parent to be happy and look after yourself. It is proven that a happy parent equals a happy child and it is so true.

If I am stressed out, or unhappy, my little boy is much naughtier than usual. It is like he picks up on the bad vibes and just goes along with it.

So today I am taking step 1 – Take a pledge to be happy.

I will attempt to be happy throughout the whole of next week and record my results. I will write down 3 good things at the end of every day and be mindful.

Now it isn’t going to be easy. We are having our whole house decorated next week so it is going to be chaos. For someone who suffers from OCD because everything has to be in its exact place, it isn’t going to be an easy 2 weeks for me.

But it means that our house will finally have a little stamp of us on it, rather than being plain and a little boring. So that is one good thought that I will need to focus on throughout my happiness task.

So, wish me luck….or come and join in with me for my quest to find happiness week.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

A Cornish Mum

3 thoughts on “Can you make yourself happy?

  1. Great post, and best of luck! x

    This is a subject really close to my heart. Having suffered postnatal depression, during my recovery I had to pull every trick out of the box to find my happiness and to keep going. Being grateful (finding 3 things each day is so helpful), doing kind acts and – vitally – being present have all contributed hugely to my recovery.

    I was happy before PND but since recovering I believe I’m more consciously happy which is really wonderful x


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