The 3 stages of a tired parent

Another weekend has been and gone. We are nearly in March. I can practically see the daffodils and blossom on the trees.

There is one thing still yet to go…the cold weather, and our family coughs and colds. Little man is a walking cold in the winter thanks to nursery, which also then takes hubby and I down at least once a month at the moment.


It is now my turn to be taken down with a cold. This meant that the whole weekend when I had lots of things to do, I was battling with a cold and being really over tired.

However this weekend, the tiredness was different. To the extent that at some point during Sunday, I couldn’t even be bothered to have a go at hubby for doing something wrong.

So here are my 3 stages of tiredness being a parent –

STAGE 1 – The sympathy vote

I try and win the sympathy vote at home with hubby, but like me, we both do not offer any sympathetic words of encouragement when the other is ill or just suffering from tiredness. Well, I call it exhaustion when I am being really over dramatic. The occasional ‘do you fancy a cuppa?’ pops up, or the comment ‘just go to bed if you are tired’ but that is as nice as it gets. Stage 1 lost, now time for stage 2….

STAGE 2 – Having a go at everyone and losing your shit 

The second stage is when my husband and I fall out. I tend to lose my shit and have a go at everyone. For example, Monday morning I told my cat that he was a stupid **** cat (I will leave you to use your imagination with the ****), I had a go at hubby for asking that the next time I speak, can I look in the mirror and moan at get the idea. I definitely lose the ability to have any civilised conversation, or be rational human being.

STAGE 3 – Refusing to speak, and being unable to cooperate in any adult conversation 

We finally reach the last stage of tiredness which is to turn into your toddler child and throw a tantrum, but also refuse to speak to anyone. Comments by hubby when told to calm down are now met with glares and death stares rather than words of abuse. You lose your sense of humour when witty words and humorous comments only make it worse.

So after going through all 3 stages of my tired parent chart, there is only one thing for it. Alcohol (or tea if no alcohol is available), chocolate & bed!

If only it was that simple….

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



Run Jump Scrap!

13 thoughts on “The 3 stages of a tired parent

  1. Me and my husband can be pretty unsympathetic to each other’s minor illnesses as well – each of us always thinks we’re suffering worse than the other 😉 Hope your household is all better soon and you can enjoy the impending spring time!

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  2. so true! It’s all about the chocolate. I have a chocolate mountain stashed in my fridge for when the tiredness monster rears its head. Who ever said sugar was bad for you clearly doesn’t have young children and has never had to function on very little sleep #coolmumclub

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  3. Oh I definitely see myself in all these and competitive tiredness/ailments too. I can’t work out sometimes if I’m copying my two and a half year old son with a sulk/tantrum or if he’s copying me or if it’s just genetic. Ah well…those bubbles look good! #coolmumclub

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  4. If chocolate doesn’t fix it, nothing will. I recognise the lack of sympathy – it happens in our house. When you’re as tired as each other it can often turn into a ‘well I’m more exhausted/more tired/more overworked’ than you contest. Thanks for reminding me it’s normal!

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  5. Totally on target, hubby and I go through those same stages, too. Nice to see it described by someone else so I know it isn’t just us! Alcohol, chocolate, and bed. Truth, truth, and truth.

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