Why I won’t….

The third installment of ‘Why I won’t’ may be a controversial one in many people’s opinions.

abroad with toddler

Now little man went on holiday to Spain when he was 10 months old, and I think I just got away with being able to cope with it then. Going any later, and it would have caused an absolute meltdown – by me, not him.

Some parents go abroad every year at least once, twice if they are lucky. We could go abroad this year if we wanted to, and take little man away with us, but the only trip on a plane this year will be hubby and I…alone.

Am I cruel? Am I depriving my child? Well, that is up to others to decide.

Personally, I did not cope with our first family holiday well. Little man had just started crawling and pulling himself up on furniture, but luckily could still sit for longer periods of time. But, it was boiling hot, he was still on bottles, he was trying new foods, it just was a really bad time for him developing.

I spent the whole week stressing out, and running around after a baby learning to crawl, trying to do everything I could to make sure he was as comfortable as possible. Trying to keep to a similar routine that he had at home to make sure he was settled was really difficult.

We endured restless nights every night as we were all in the same room together, and he was not the super happy baby he was back in the UK. He was happy, don’t get me wrong, and took things in his stride but he definitely wasn’t himself for the week.

We then went to Center Parcs at the end of the year. It was in the UK so there was no plane journey where you had to try and keep him occupied. Also there was no clambering over innocent passengers sat next to us.

It was the same climate he was used to, there was loads to do for the children, no time difference to worry about, and all the same food and facilities as normal.

I could have a break away from home and housework, and enjoy being away with him for the few days.. Enjoy being the optimum word.

I am not sure I could cope with going abroad at this stage of little mans development. He would not sit still on a plane, he wouldn’t be able to amuse himself for 3 hours, and once we were there, well, who knows what would happen.

Now I do understand some people will think that I am depriving him of experiences, and that they are really adaptable at that age.

Yes I agree, totally. But if I am not comfortable in doing it, why would I put my family through it.

There are so many great places to explore in the UK. Why shouldn’t we take advantage of that until he gets a little older and at a better stage in his development to also understand he is going on holiday.

Maybe next year when he can play games, read books, talk to us a bit more and have his own seat on the plane we may consider it.

Simple things like being in a bed rather than a cot, not needing milk before bedtime, being potty trained…all these things that drop off as he grows up will make going abroad more flexible with a small child.

So that is why I won’t be going abroad with little man in the near future. What about you? Would you take them abroad at such a young age?

Have you like I have, decided it wasn’t for your family for a while? Or do you take them on lots of trips away already?

I would love to hear your views and experiences.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mummy and Monkeys



15 thoughts on “Why I won’t….

  1. Hi there, I took my 18 month old abroad and it was a disaster from start to finish. Terrible plane journey, sitting in the silence in the hotel room every night, constantly in the shade for fearing of burning little one. That was four years ago and it has put us off holidays abroad completely! It makes me a feel a little sad as I love nothing more than reading a book on a beach. Maybe one day…. So, I’m in firm agreement with you. Just wish Center Parcs was a little more reasonably priced!

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  2. I am currently on holiday abroad with my 18 month old and 7 month old, I was kind of dreading it which is not the point of a holiday, but truth be told it has been fine, enjoyable even. The 4 hour flight was even ok. We have some bad nights with the little one but we have that at home and a big help is that it’s not too hot here yet. Also we have cheated and brought grandparents with us so we outnumber the babies 2 to 1… For the first half of the holiday anyway, they go home Thursday! Argh! I totally understand ambivalence or reluctance to take little ones abroad though, it’s very much each to their own and whatever works for you and your family. But for our part at least it is (so far) a successful foreign holiday! Wherever your holiday the main thing is to enjoy! #PicknMix xx

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  3. We spent christmas in australia with our little boy who was 19 months at the time…he was perfect on the flights and couldn’t have adapted better. We’ve been abroad 4 times with him and have 2 more scheduled for this year. He travels well and copes with heat well, I put this down to his first summer being a scorcher in UK terms! But I agree it isn’t for everyone and if it adds stress then it definately isn’t worth it!! We had an equally brilliant holiday in Devon last year and would definately home holiday again!!

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  4. People keep asking us if we are taking Lexie away this year (she’s 13 months) and my answer is always either “no way” or “maybe somewhere in england” I don’t think I am depriving her, I think I am being sensible. Like you, I Know for a fact that Lexie would not be happy about a hot climate and I know that I would not deal well with a “non-baby proofed environment for more than a few hours! We are staying put and we will probably just enjoying lots of day trips as a family over the summer instead of a big holiday abroad. #PicknMix

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  5. I had a bad experience too when my son was little and added to that we went away in May hoping it wouldn’t be too hot but still nice (like it usually is in Sardinia) and the weather was a disaster. We then stuck to centre Parks. But as I am an Expat (from UK in Holland) we have no option but to travel to see family a few times a year. It is only one hour and I do stay at my parents but people didn’t really understand when I said it isn’t a holiday. My eldest is autistic and he always finds it hard to sleep somewhere else even if it is grandma and grandpas house. We have started going less now. I think the key is to do what is right for you!
    My boys are now 6 & 9 and we went abroad as a family for th first time last year and had a great time.

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  6. It’s definitely an experience being abroad with a little one…ups and downs. (We had a bad plane flight when I was 9 months old – screaming, crying etc) On a holiday you need to let go of anxiety, that’s what we’ve learned, otherwise it makes things worse and toddlers (like me) feed off fear! 😉 We wish you all the best on your future trips abroad and hope you haven’t been put off too much X #JustAnotherLinky


  7. I’m right there with you. We got a place on the beach for a week when mine was two and it was a disaster. The following year we got a place closer so I could drive home every day so she could nap in her own crib. last year we left the kids home. There will be plenty of time to go places when she is a little older

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  8. I totally understand that decision. I am ready to take mine abroad now, I think they would enjoy it and cope well. That said, we have a big trip planned for a whole year of travelling and we’re putting that off until they are old enough to benefit from it. I don’t really believe that children need to go abroad when they’re very young, I think mine would enjoy it but remember very little about it.x

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  9. I understand where you are coming from. Maybe just a small holiday a couple of hours from home would be best if you are still wanting that little break.
    Taking babies abroad can be so stressful. Especially when they start to crawl! I am thinking of taking my baby boy and girls next year. Baby boy will be about 8 or 9 months old by then. I am still in two minds. I took my girls last year and they were 5 and 2 then. It was hard but better than I thought. But totally know what you mean about stressing out etc. Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky

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  10. Surely no one would think you are depriving him of experiences just because you didn’t take him on holiday abroad? That would be judgemental in the extreme. I haven’t taken my 18 month old abroad, nor am I intending to in the near future. For one, I hate flying, and as you say there are plenty of places in the UK to explore. Everything is new to him anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing some places I’ve visited before as new through his eyes. #justanotherlinky

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  11. I’ve been debating about whether to take my daughter abroad to visit my family in New York later this year. She will be around 11 months when we’re planning to go. I really want her to see my family, but thinking about the disruption to her routine – plus the hassle of keeping an increasingly-mobile baby entertained on a 7-hour flight – gives me the fear. We’ve done a few long weekends away here in the UK and that’s been hard enough! #justanotherlinky

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  12. I agree with you in some respect. A little bit of me want to go abroad but I know it will be far too stressful and far too expensive at the minute. We holiday in the UK most years, we have done two abroad now with the kids. Our honeymoon with one and then with both and they were nice but not relaxing. And you zany take the kitchen sink lol!! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

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  13. This is a really interesting one for me as we have never been abroad with our nearly 3yr old! I often thought that we should have taken her before she was 1 and kind of got it over with ready to go each year as we did before Mia. However, I struggle with overthinking things, over planning, getting anxious in the unknown, etc… and so I personally don’t think I could deal with it. Yes, it would most likely not be half as bad as I imagine but I don’t feel ready. We have been away for the weekend a few times and I love Centre Parcs 🙂


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  14. I totally agree with you! We are massive fans of Center Parcs and manage to go 3 or 4 x a year, but this year we decided to book our first family holiday to Majorca in Sept. We have since (after having had several melt down about it – me – not the kids), decided that we will be transferring it to next year instead when our youngest is out of his pushchair. This leaves a big hole in our holiday agenda for this year…. Center Parcs you say?? Oh go on then 😉

    Dawn x

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  15. It really is what works for you as a family. We didn’t take the boys on holiday abroad until they were 7 and 9 but that was mostly as we couldn’t afford to before. It was an amazing holiday though as they were old enough to stay up later and really enjoy everything 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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