GUEST POST – 10 tricks for cleaning up after your children

Cleaning up after kids is not an easy task especially when they often leave a mess behind them.

If you feel unable to manage with all the cleaning tasks that concern the kids, you had better take a look at the following lines.

You will be supplied with valuable ideas that will help you to manage with the cleaning as easily as possible.


Explore the top 10 tricks for creating a more comfortable and inviting environment for your kids and do not hesitate to apply them – they have proven their efficiency.

Here are some wonderful suggestions:

Make a Suitable Station

If you do not want to have the floors covered with all that tiny stuff or toys, you can think of making suitable station where the kids will arrange their things. There is no point in cleaning and arranging the stuff every time when kids decide that they will no longer play with these toys. An old dresser can be successfully transformed into a station where the kids will practice their favourite hobbies.

Create Wonderful Storage

To facilitate the process of cleaning, you can create your own storage unit and to explain the kids that they need to put their stuff in the box or baskets. For the purpose, search for pallets that contain a couple of large baskets.

Do not forget To Supply The Kids With An Appropriate Bin

A good bin always solves many problems when it comes to cleaning up after your kids. Explain to the kids that before they go outside, they need to check their room for any stuff that should be placed in the bin.

Clean The Toys In the Dishwasher

This is a wonderful option, however, it is not appropriate for all types of toys. You simply need to place the toys into the dishwasher and use it in the usual way.

Keep A Laundry Basket in the Kid’s Room

If you want to save time when cleaning the kid’s room, try keeping a laundry basket in each room and tell them to place their dirty clothes there, instead of throwing them on their bed or at the floor.

Choose A Suitable Carpet

When it comes to kids room, you should choose a carpet that could be easily cleaned. It is needless to say that tissues which accumulate dust are not a preferred option here.

Be Careful With Crayons

No matter how many times you have told the kids that they are allowed to use crayons only on paper they are not likely to take into account this advice, so be careful when you supply them with such items especially when you are not in the same room.

Hang Colourful Bags on The Walls

Hanging several bags on the walls in the kids’ room is very wise decision that will facilitate the process of cleaning. Imagine how easy it would be to place all the toys and stuff into three bags, instead of arranging them every time when the kids finish playing with them.

Use Homemade Cleaning Products

One of the easiest decisions when it comes to cleaning after kids is to trust the homemade cleaning products – they are a safer option.

Be Patient

Stay patient, even when you encounter a little mess in the kids room. After all, it won’t be the last time when you see this, so take a smile on your face and continue with the cleaning.

These are the top ten cleaning tricks that will help you to clean after kids in the easiest possible way.

The tips are kindly contributed by ShinyCarpet Cleaning Acton


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