6 reasons why being an 18 month old is the best!

Watching little man grow up over the last few months fascinates me. I caught a glimpse of myself holding and balancing him on my hip the other day and he looked so big.

It is scary to think 18 months ago he was born and he was so tiny. Now he is a proper little toddler running around, in to everything, and he is my responsibility. How scary is that!

18 month old

My observations have left me with some interesting findings on why being an 18 month old must feel like the best thing in the world:

  1. They believe that their baby babble is real, and feel really big and clever when we babble back to them.
  2. They can still poop in their nappies and have someone else clean it up after them as they are too young for potty training.
  3. They get to nap for a couple of hours in the afternoon whilst the parents have to use the opportunity to do as much housework as possible within this timescale.
  4. Being 18 months old is right in the middle of a baby and a toddler so they can still get away with a few temper tantrums without them being classed as ‘The Terrible Two’s’
  5. As long as they eat a mixture of foods, the set breakfast, lunch & dinner still isn’t fully in place due to so many little one’s still being incredibly fussy at this stage. Plus a bonus for the parents is that they don’t have to pay for a meal for them when eating out yet.
  6. They are still young enough to be able to get away with walking if they want to, but being pushed around in their pushchair when their little legs get tired out.

Being 18 months old sounds great doesn’t it? What have I missed?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mami 2 Five

3 thoughts on “6 reasons why being an 18 month old is the best!

  1. It sounds a lovely life doesn’t it! I think my 14.5 month old needs to listen to what you say about naps though… She didn’t nap on Friday or yesterday!! I love the toddling about, so curious, pointing at everything 🙂

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