Pancake Day – What are you giving up? 

So pancake day is nearly upon us. I will be making pancakes with hubby and little man today, as we won’t be able to on Tuesday as little man will be in bed by the time hubby gets home.


I will also be taking part in lent again this year. Lent if you didn’t know is when people basically decide that they didn’t do well enough in their New Years Resolutions, so are given the opportunity to give it another go.

No, in all honestly, lent is supposed to be about giving up something to show your will power and to show your ability to concentrate on other things in this time.

It lasts 40 days and 40 nights, not including Sundays. So whatever you choose to give up, it starts on Wednesday 1oth February and finishes on Good Friday.

Last year I gave up chocolate, cakes, biscuits and sweets. Yes every single one of them for 40 days and 40 nights. It was absolutely the hardest thing (other than childbirth) that I had ever had to do.


I wanted to do it last year because I wanted to show that I was able to do something when I put my mind to it. I did just that. No item from that list above touched my lips, not even on the Sundays where you can eat those foods. For me I thought that would be harder having a taste and knowing I then cannot eat it again for 6 days.

I was a massive chocoholic. No one thought I would do it. Well I showed everyone. I came out of it with my head held high, plus 7 pounds lighter….I wasn’t doing it for the weight loss but it was definitely an unexpected bonus.

Since lent last year it has really changed my relationship with sweet food. I used to eat cakes on Saturday and Sunday, chocolate most evenings, and a biscuit here and there. Now, cakes and biscuits don’t bother me too much, and I only have chocolate maybe twice a week, usually at weekends.

This year I am only giving up cakes and biscuits. I tend to have a biscuit as a mid afternoon snack, so I want to use lent to explore new foods and eat something different in the afternoon rather than the same thing every day.

Maybe yoghurt and fruit, or some nuts and a crumpet?


Do you want to join in and show you have the will power to succeed lent? 3 things that will make it easier are –

  1. Having an end goal – Book that spa day as a treat for succeeding, or that shopping spree with friends
  2. Keep it going even on Sundays. Even though you can eat things on a Sunday during lent, it will only make it harder for you to get back in to it on the Monday.
  3. Enjoy and focus on all the new foods you can eat. I ate yoghurts, fruits, nuts, crumpets and pop corn all as an alternative to naughty treats.

Are you thinking of giving something up for lent? I would love to know how you all get on if any of you are joining me this year…

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mami 2 Five

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