Chicken Pox Club – Part 2

So my mother in law left us on Friday night after staying for a week to look after little man who had been suffering from chicken pox.

We are officially through to the other side and definitely a fully fledged member of the club.

For those of you worried about joining the club, don’t be. Yes there is no doubt that we are incredibly lucky to have joined early rather than later on, but I do think there are some key things you can do to help the transition.

  • Buy some bubble bath with chamomile in it. Chamomile helps calm and sooth the spots and helps with itching.
  • Stock up on sudocrem. I used care and protect and it helped my little mans little bits so much. A damp nappy area is a breeding ground for spots and rashes so it is so important at EVERY nappy change to use something to help.
  • We also used pox-clin. A mousse that you rub in all over their body up to 3 times a day. It helps with the symptoms of chicken pox, and helps with the irritation and itching. I used it first thing in the morning, just before his nap at lunch time and then after bath, just before bed.

We were so lucky that other than the spots as a visible symptom, you really would not have known he had anything wrong with him. Regardless of him not showing signs of irritation I still made sure I did all the above. I wouldn’t have risked waiting for the symptoms and then having to do something about it when it was too late. It was worth putting in the extra time at nappy changes and bath times to make sure he was as comfortable as possible.

chicken pox

The spots are now fully crusted over and all falling off at different stages. I am so glad he has been okay with it and we have all got through unscathed. He got a relatively good and even covering of spots, which over time I suppose we will see if there will be any potential scarring.

Overall our experience really wasn’t as bad as what I was expecting. So for those of you still waiting for your invite to the chicken pox club, do not worry.

What other tips would you add?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mami 2 Five

5 thoughts on “Chicken Pox Club – Part 2

  1. Little Miss H still hasn’t had chicken pox yet even though most of her friends have. I am so pleased that your little man didn’t suffer too badly. I know some children can be really sick with it. But these tips for how to cope when Little Miss H does finally join the club are brilliant. Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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  2. Our two had it last year, aged 3 and just 3 months 😦 it was very sad for the little one! We survived though…my advice would be plan lots of lovely indoor activities to entertain older kiddies….we handmade about 50 birthday thank you cards! Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub & get well soon! xx

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  3. Fab tips. Both our girls have had chicken pox now. At least I think they have. Sounds daft, but Ella seemed to have it but only got about six spots! But we were assured it was by the doctor, so that’s what we’re going with. You seemed to have it all under control too. Thanks so much for linking up with #sundaystars Steph xxx

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