REVIEW – Sudocrem Care & Protect

Just before Christmas I was asked to review the Sudocrem Care & Protect. My little one is not so little anymore but Sudocrem is still a necessity for him as he is still in nappies.

As most little ones are, he is still prone to a red bum from time to time.

Little did I know that I would really be putting care & protect to the ultimate test soon after the festive season.

So the first week of January, little man got chicken pox. This meant that his nappy area became a breeding ground for little red spots and a very nasty looking rash.

I used Sudocrem Care & Protect religiously for the first few days at every nappy change and noticed a HUGE difference.

He hated being touched and having his nappy changed but when he saw the cream come out, he would quite happily lay there quietly letting me rub the cream in for him.

It has got a thinner. lighter texture than the standard Sudocrem which is really good and makes it easier to apply.

The triple action formula (read more about that here) really works. Even though I didn’t use it to start with whilst his bum wasn’t red, I will definitely continue using it to protect from any more nasty rashes and sore bits.

It cannot be nice sitting down with wee in your nappy all day when you think about it. This is designed to help prevent nappy rash rather than be a solution for when it does occur.

Thank you Sudocrem for allowing me to review this product. I would recommend to everyone with a child still in nappies.

Find your nearest stockist here.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

*Disclaimer – I was gifted a tube of Sudocrem in exchange for my honest opinion on the product


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