Nursery is good for children, I promise!

It is that time of year where all the new starters arrive at nursery. The mums start to descend back to their day jobs and attempt to juggle motherhood with work.

I started back to work nearly a year ago now, and it is the best thing I did.

My job may not be the most difficult in the world, but it is incredibly seasonal in terms of how busy I get. I am aware that like last summer, this summer again is going to be incredibly tough. Trying to juggle getting in early and leaving late, picking little man up, doing the chores and finding time to eat, as well as finding family time is all part of the ‘fun.’

That is why it is crucial that you find a good nursery that you know you can rely on. You need to feel comfortable leaving your child, no matter how many days they spend there.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for leaving your child at nursery. If anything, it is so good for them.


A few of the positive things that come out of nursery are –

  • Trying new foods – Little man eats everything at nursery because everyone else does. However, he still refuses to eat anything other than potato waffles and peas at home.
  • Interacting with other children – He is so confident with children now and isn’t particularly shy when he first meets people.
  • Being independent – This may be slightly negative as most mums don’t want their little ones to be so independent from an early stage, but it is so much better for this to happen early on. They then don’t really develop separation anxiety as them going to nursery becomes normal.
  • Stimulation – To see him playing with others, going outside, drawing and painting is amazing. They do different things every day including baby yoga on a Monday. Plus if he does lots of messy play at nursery, it means mummy doesn’t need to clean it up.

Yes there will be days you feel guilty for leaving someone else to look after your child. You will want to phone every hour for the first few weeks to make sure that they are okay. If you are anything like me, I was a nightmare with having to know that they would follow his old routine and just phase in their nursery routine slowly. They will be poorly, they will bump their heads and fall over a 1000 times a week, it is all part of the process.

play room

But one thing is for sure, nursery really does give my little man more than I could give him on a daily basis. It makes those weekends so special and we all appreciate family time so much more.

So for all those mummy’s embarking on the road to returning to work and leaving their little ones at nursery, it will be okay….I promise.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mummy and Monkeys


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11 thoughts on “Nursery is good for children, I promise!

  1. There are so many benefits to nursery. As you say, it’s important to pick a good one that you trust & know your child will be well looked after. Trying new foods would be a great thing for my daughter! I’m a SAH mom so she is stuck with me & my cooking lol #picknmix x

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  2. Could not agree with you more! My son spends two full days a week and nursery, he loves it and we love it! He has his little group of friends, he’s given a structured day and education outside of the house. We like all the staff there and he has a ‘key’ person who is takes special care of him and gives us reports on how he’s developing. #PicknMix

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  3. Reassuring post!

    It’s really helped our cub’s social skills and her vocabulary noticeably improved when she started going. We had an easier ride than most as the nursery was next door so we could still hear her throughout the day!


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  4. Both of mine went to playgroup but never to nursery, but I can see how both ways can be beneficial and really it’s whatever works best for you as a family. So long as you’re all happy, then whatever decision you make is right 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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