The Mummy Dummy guide to taking your toddler out

I always have a complete nightmare when I take little man out. I always forget something.

Last summer I went out to the park with a friend and her little girl. She was fully prepared with sun lotion, a hat, a blanket to sit on, games etc. Me – I rock up with my child, plus a few snacks.

Having taken him out a lot recently, I think I may be learning and I want to share my ‘secrets’ (they are not secrets, they are actually just normal things) so you do not forget anything on an outing out with the toddler.

DO NOT leave the house without tissues & wet wipes. This will be a fatal error that you will find out very quickly if left at home.

DO make sure if you are out for coffee, that the coffee shop hasn’t got a long queue to order. Your toddler will get bored whilst waiting, potentially giving them an opportunity for a tantrum in public. You will also need to down your drink in order to leave as quickly as possible.


DO NOT take your toddler out of the house if tired or hungry. This is another opportunity for a tantrum. What ever it is that you are leaving the house for really cannot be that urgent under these circumstances.

DO make sure you always have food and drink in your bag. Failure to do so can result in yet another tantrum, and can also be used as a bargaining tool later on in the day.

DO NOT forget to pack toys. Toys that look like big people things, like keys or a phone. This can keep them entertained and quiet when required, as can a few books and crayons.


DO look at the weather. Is it sunny? Take sun cream and a hat. Is it raining? Remember the waterproof coat, and maybe wellies.

DO NOT ever forget the changing bag. It is the quick dash to the local shop in which a poop explosion will happen. It really isn’t worth the risk.

What are your tips for taking a toddler out?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



3 thoughts on “The Mummy Dummy guide to taking your toddler out

  1. Don’t forget you! Hungry and tired parents can be as terrible as a toddler.

    The one thing my wife tries to get in my head is if there’s no need to rush then don’t. It’s difficult sometimes to get out of a commuter mindset when off work and toddlers well…toddle.

    Also to know when to quit. If the queue is too long walk away rather than having to deal with riot control and impromptu hide and seek in the shop!

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