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Our festive highlights

So the festive season is officially over. Hubby and I have had the best part of 2 weeks off with little man. It has been….really nice.

Of course, it has been testing at times. Vomiting over Christmas presents on Christmas morning wasn’t ideal, as was his diva tendencies on New Years Day – 12 hours of constant moaning and whining to begin the New Year….love it (NOT).

We have been out and about every day. Yes a few days we have just been to tesco to get a few bits of food, but mostly we have been out exploring, getting muddy and doing everything that boys love to do.

I have officially embraced motherhood and I am not scared anymore.

I had written previously that I don’t feel particularly maternal, and that I need to work hard to be a good mum. It used to make me scared of looking after little man, and knowing what to do with him to keep him entertained.

Outdoor pursuits are our thing. If the weather is bad, well, staying at home and playing skittles or building tall towers is just fine too.

So here are our festive highlights in pictures –

Boxing Day at Sherwood Pines. Meeting the Gruffalo and nearly being blown away before Storm Frank came in.

Mid week trip to Clumber Park. Loved the ducks and swans. Didn’t love being chased by the ducks.

New Years Day trip to Rufford Abbey. It was 0.5 degrees, it was freezing. Little man demolished a whole blueberry muffin in the coffee shop. It was quite impressive.

Enjoying making lots of mess at home on Christmas Day and lazy afternoons.

Overall we have had such a lovely time off, I am sort of sad it has to end. As nice as it will be to get back in to things, I can’t help but look forward to our next week off at Easter.

What are your festive highlights?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


2 thoughts on “Our festive highlights

  1. What a lovely break you had and it sounds like plenty of outdoor fun. I am so envious of your sunny and cold New Year’s Day, it rained hard all day long in Cornwall making it very hard to get out, we did but we all got soaked, your trip to Rufford Abbey looks much better. I hope you keep the outdoor activities going, I love to see what you have beenup to. A very Happy New Year to you and thank you for joining in with Country Kids.

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