Starting to let go of the baby stages..

Having spent a few days with little man now over the Christmas break, it has become even more apparent that he is no longer a baby.

He is the funniest, and best possible little toddler that I could wish for.

When he goes to nursery, he is a proper toddler. He eats by himself, with a spoon or fork, he has his own personality and knows what makes him laugh. He understands what he wants to do, and what he doesn’t like.


He shows me all these sides to him at home on weekends, apart from the food. I still feed him his breakfast, and until recently, I used to feed him his lunch until he refused to eat anything I gave him, other than weetibix.

I was still struggling to let go of this aspect of babyhood…until now.

It is part of his development and learning, and I am hindering that. As his mother, this is not something that I am prepared to continue.

So rather than getting stressed out about him not eating like I used to (read it here), I have finally let it go. He can eat his own breakfast, have his sandwiches for lunch, and I will make him something hot for tea. He can have his fork and spoon to use and if he doesn’t eat it, he probably just isn’t hungry..or pushing those boundaries. 


There is no point in getting myself all worked up over him not eating my food. He is probably aware that it is winding me up, therefore I am giving him another reason not to eat.

One thing we did stop was snacking, which helped. He had a habit of helping himself to a box of raisins or a biscuit before lunch or tea, then not eating his main meal.

We stopped all snacking, other than a little one before bed time, and this appears to have helped…a little bit.

So for now, we are still battling with the food situation in our household. Although it has got better by me just letting go and taking my TODDLER’s lead. Toddler, I said it! He’s not a baby anymore. 

How is meal time in your home?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


4 thoughts on “Starting to let go of the baby stages..

  1. This sounds a lot like my little man (he’s 17 months). Refusing to eat or throwing food around is a regular part of his routine! I haven’t quite cracked it yet but trying not to worry about it-hopefully it’s just a stage they go through! Might try your no snacking suggestion. #justanotherlinky

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