The tree is up & we went to visit Santa!

We finally saw Santa this weekend. When you hear that a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture definitely is.

Santa visit

 If I could caption it, it would say ‘What on earth do you look like? You think you are coming into my house on Christmas Eve, think again!’

We visited Santa at the Grotto at White Post Farm. It was a special evening event where we got to meet Santa, see the animals in a few of the barns that they opened, and also enjoy a nativity play and some festive treats.

Arriving at 5pm when it opened we wanted to make sure we didn’t have to wait too long to see him. Walking through a beautiful maze with lots to keep the children entertained if needing to queue, we reached the front, 2nd from the entrance. Result!

We had upgraded our Grotto ticket to include a wrapped present so we gave in our token and headed on in to see Santa.

Well….little mans face. I think it is this point that it really hit me that Christmas will never be the same again now we have our little man.

This year we know he is still too small to truly understand. Even so, taking him to see Santa, being at the farm with the twinkly lights, it is what Christmas is all about.

After the visit we took a walk through the farm. Little man loves animals so he absolutely loved it. It got to about 6pm though and he was tired so we decided to head off home.

We didn’t get to see the nativity as it was on at 7.30pm so a little late for him stay up this year.

They had a lovely shop on the way out, where we added a few other bits to his extensive Christmas present pile.

I thoroughly enjoyed our family weekend – we didn’t do a lot, hubby’s brother and girlfriend came across for the day to see little man which was lovely and it was just another chilled out day. We even finally put our tree up!

There is now only 3 days until Christmas Day and I will admit I am starting to get nervous. 10 days off for hubby, little man and I in which we need to try and keep ourselves busy and little man occupied so he doesn’t tear up the house. It is going to be a tough one, but hopefully a lovely Christmas and definitely one to remember.

What are your ideas and plans to keep the little ones busy over the festive period?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO
Life Loving Linkie


4 thoughts on “The tree is up & we went to visit Santa!

  1. He just looks so adorable! Visiting Santa in a farm is a lovely place too. We have visited Santa last weekend on a Steam train, my 5 yr old boy realized something when we got home, he told us that’s not the real Santa, coz he’s in the North Pole. We just love the thought that they believe in Santa but I don’t know how long. Have a lovely Christmas to your and the entire family! #LifeLovingLinkie

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  2. What a lovely experience for you all. I love the photo, your caption captures it exactly. He’s definitely wondering what all the fuss is about. I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

    Sally @ Life Loving

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