Christmas Cards everywhere..

So this week I embarked on my christmas card writing marathon.

If I was writing this last year, I didn’t require a christmas card writing marathon. I have never been one for cards to be honest (Mrs Scrooge rears her head once again).

However last week our little man received a couple of cards from his friends at nursery. Obviously I didn’t want him to become mini scrooge so off to the shop I popped to get a load of cards to write for all the friends in his nursery room.

I am looking forward to christmas, honestly I am. It will be nice to have 10 days off with hubby and little man. The strange thing is that this time of year is all about family and everyone being together – well this year it will just be the three of us, no parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters etc.

Not by choice, but due to everyone living in different parts of the country. We made a conscious choice not to travel with little man as we want to start traditions up in our own family home.

Unfortunately all our family feel a similar way, that christmas isn’t the same in someone else’s home.

festive table

We are planning on having a nice brunch followed by christmas dinner altogether at about 3.30pm when little man wakes up from his nap.

I cannot wait to see his little face when he sees all the boxes and sparkly paper and lights downstairs on Christmas morning – not that he will know what is going on.


Daddy can have a nice time putting toys together, little man can enjoy playing with the paper and the boxes and I will be trying to tidy everything up whilst drinking bucks fizz.

What are everyone’s plans for Christmas Day next Friday? A big festive party or a small get-together?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mummy and Monkeys



11 thoughts on “Christmas Cards everywhere..

  1. I decided to do some Christmas cards this year too, when I don’t normally. I didn’t enjoy it, my handwriting is terrible ever since I had to quickly scrawl notes in university and I just couldn’t get through them fast enough. I love having Christmas with my parents and sister, I think my husband wanted to do Christmas on our own, but I wouldn’t have it! We will have to drive a couple of hours away and try to settle our one year old in a portacot while there, but I’m sure it will be worth it 🙂 Have a Merry Christmas, sounds like you have a lovely day planned!

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  2. That sounds lovely. I’m sure you’ll have a lovely day. We are all getting together at my parents and we’ll celebrate there. It’ll be quite noisy and busy but I like it like that!

    Sally @ Life Loving

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  3. It sounds like a lovely day ahead and long may the cards and paper last as the main attraction! We have a full on program over Christmas hereon the farm as well a a big family gathering so I know ours will go in a blur with plenty of champagne and cheer! Merry Christmas #justanotherlinky

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  4. I love that you have decided to start your own Tradtions with the 3 of you. I too agree that Christmas just isn’t the same in somebody else’s house. We spent Christmas at the in laws last year and as much as it was amazing to be with all the family, it did feel a little strange. This year it’s just the 4 of us as we don’t have husbands children until new year. We will spend the whole day at home and the in laws are coming to us in the morning to drop presents off. Hope you have a fantastic time and your little boy enjoys it, even if he isn’t sure what is happening

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  5. Ah how lovely it will be when little man sees all of those lovely presents under the tree! Our daughter is 2, turning 3 in the new year & she is so into Christmas this year. She has it all figured out. We are celebrating with my sister in law & her family this year. Merry Christmas! #picknmix

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  6. Usually we have some family over for Christmas, but for the first time ever it is just the four of us for Christmas day and I can’t wait. As much as we love seeing family, this will be a much more relaxed Christmas day 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix Have a brilliant Christmas
    Stevie x


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