The restaurant play area: a necessary evil?

We had a really lovely weekend just gone. My grandad and his wife came to stay for a few days. Little man loved it and was following them round all weekend. It was lovely to have a little pressure taken off me.

We have had a really busy few weeks recently with visitors over 3 out of the 4 weekends. That is due the the fact that we live away from our families, and it is coming up to christmas – everyone wanted to see us (well little man more obviously) before the festive period.

So the last weekend of them all was with my grandad. It was very chilled and we didn’t do a lot, the weather as normal was shocking.

We actually went for tea on Saturday at a new local (ish) pub- the one we should have gone to with my parents last weekend. The place was new and it was lovely inside. I finally got my steak and white wine spritzer.

But, it had an indoor children’s play area……

So lets get to the bottom of this. Are indoor play areas in pubs a necessary evil or just unnecessary?

Personally I was brought up to sit at the table when eating, especially when we were out eating in public. This is one thing I will pass on down to my little one. You see, I want my little boy to be able to sit at the table, have conversations with us, read books and do some colouring. I don’t want to have to worry about him being bored and running around getting in people’s way.

There were children playing in the area, clearly keeping them entertained. However they were also running back to their parents tables tripping up people during their route.

I get it, honestly i do. It is a big ask to get children to sit still and entertain themselves at the table for a longer period of time than normal. Who wouldn’t love the fact they can go off and play whilst waiting for their food? I just don’t personally agree with it for my child. He wouldn’t get back up to the table to eat his tea for a start!

The staff were really good when we arrived and brought us over some crayons and a colouring sheet for little man. This kept him busy for ages, not actually colouring but moving the crayons in and out the pot.

It was lovely that he was with us, interacting and understanding that when we go out, we go out as a family and sit at the table. Us adults don’t go off somewhere different after ordering our food, so why should he? It is family time.


So what do you all think? Are pub indoor play areas a necessary evil or just unnecessary?

I would love to hear all views on how you cope with eating out with your children.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



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5 thoughts on “The restaurant play area: a necessary evil?

  1. We have four children and we don’t eat out very often – we’ve done both play area and not. I like places that have nice kids menus and drawing things and so do the children. They love a good run about but I try and keep that for play barns rather than restaurants. Places like TGI Fridays have been really good but the best place we’ve eaten with the children was the Scottish Steak House in both Scotland and Windsor – they were so good with the children and really it was one of those places you walk into and think OMG this is not child friendly but it was superb! #twinklytuesday

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  2. I can agree you with you on this one! The play areas would seem to cause more distractions and stress than having them sit at the table with the family. Whether they’re coloring or doing something else, I’d rather teach them to be at the table during dinner. Love the thought behind this post!

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