GUEST POST – How to keep your purse organised


Your purse is definitely looking less than perfect if: A – You’re forced to rummage for about half an hour in order to find whatever it is you’re looking for; B – As soon as you reach down to the bottom, you end up with a handful of loose change; C – You can find there sales receipts from at least three months ago. If this is the case, you’re surely in trouble. Consider letting go of your hoarding habits to begin with and organise your purse so that it serves its original purpose, that is the place where you store you’re most frequently used belongings. How you do it? Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult, just follow our tips.

Purse Ritual

It’s pretty obvious you should start with cleaning your purse first, that goes without saying. You can use a mild liquid dish soap to wipe away the dirty spots and stains from the front. Be careful with certain fabrics such as silk, velvet or velour as they should not be handled with water – this may lead to damages. If this is the case, it would be a good idea to leave this job to the dry cleaners. Otherwise chances are you’ll end up in the store buying a new purse. Keep in mind cleaning your purse only once a year won’t do the trick – it would be best if you turn it into a weekly or biweekly ritual. This way your purse will always look spotless.

No Receipts

There’s no need to keep every receipt you receive upon buying an article in the store. For example what’s the use of collecting ice cream or coffee receipts? Here’s what you should do. If there are multiple compartments in your purse, choose one of them and keep all receipts there. At the end of the week when it’s time to clean and organise your purse, take them out and go through them again. Those you wish to keep, you can place in a special file designated for the purpose. Those which are of no importance (aka the ice cream ones) should go straight to the garbage bin.

Use Zipper Baggies for Your Make-up

Depending on the number of make-up articles you carry with you, you can buy two or three separate zipper bags and store all beauty products in them. This will not only help you find everything much faster but will minimise the chances of staining the inside of your purse with your favourite lip gloss. It would be best if you choose bags of different colour or pattern. For instance all beauty products like mascara, shades, lipstick go in the pink bang. Your deodorant, perfume, cream or essential oils are placed in the blue one and some first aid items or toiletries like bandages, dental floss, napkins, painkillers go in a separate red baggy. This way you’ll grab the bag you need immediately without having to look for anything.

Loose Change Belongs in Your Wallet

Fishing for some change at the bottom of your purse can be very annoying. Your life would be much easier if you actually store your coins where they rightfully belong – in your wallet. You should consider buying a wallet with big coin compartment and a zipper. It would be even more compact if there are two separate compartments – one for the pennies and another for bigger change. If you insist on keeping your change in your purse after all, maybe you should drop it into one single compartment designated for this purpose.

Pack Light

Remember, there’s no need to carry all of your personal belongings with you if you don’t intend to use them during the day. Consider swapping large-sized items for travel-sized ones. Everything should be as compacts as possible which immediately excludes fitness items such as sweatpants and sneakers – those belong in a separate bag or even better – in your locker at the gym.

Bottom line is you should do your very best to keep only the necessities in your purse, that’s the easiest and most convenient way towards an organised and clutter-free purse. We know that this can prove to be an ordeal but if you insist on carrying all the extra stuff, at least follow these five tips so that your purse can be in perfect order.

The article is contributed by Kathleen Crane who runs LondonHomeCleaners South East London


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