Can you raise £27.00 in 27 days for Macmillan?

To celebrate my mum having her last session of chemotherapy this week I am setting a challenge.

Can you raise £27.00 in 27 days to fund a Macmillan nurse for an hour?

I do a lot of work with Macmillan. I started working with them this year as a partnership at work. It just so happened on the day that the partnership was confirmed, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.

So when the Fundraising Manager sent round a challenge to raise money, I felt obliged to give it a go – I also took my office down with me in the process. I am now blessed with such wonderful readers of my blog that I would love to share the challenge with you guys too.


Our latest challenge is to raise £27.00 in 27 days which would fund a Macmillan nurse for an hour. The idea behind the challenge is to get people to raise smaller amounts per person and make it fun at the same time. If we all raised £27.00 each in our office, we would raise £270.00 which equates to paying for a Macmillan nurse for 10 hours.

Fancy being involved and taking up the challenge?

First thing to do is print off the form where you can cross off when you reach the £1.00 a day target. Print off as many forms as you need.

£27 FORM

A few ideas brought together by Macmillan and myself to help you make a start are  –

  • Organise a dress down day and donate £1.00
  • Make a cuppa for your colleagues and donate £1.00
  • Bake cakes for colleagues or friends and family and ask for a donation per slice
  • Organise a swear jar with a donation as a punishment
  • Sponsor the boss to dress up in a costume of your choice
  • Gift Aid – fill out a gift aid form and an extra 25p will be donated for every £1.00 you raise
  • Organise a sponsored silence for your work or household
  • Donate £1.00 to a colleague to wash your mug
  • Get your little ones involved by getting them to paint pictures and get family to donate £1.00 per painting to take home with them

So far (We are on day 14) we have raised £28.00 in our swear jar, £27.00 in tea making and £27.00 for sponsoring our boss to dress in our mascot costume last Thursday for the afternoon. We are also planning a cake baking day plus a sponsored lunch run, where my colleague is going to get everyone’s lunch with the change going straight into the pot.

I would love to hear if you will be taking part in the £27 in 27 day challenge and what your ideas would be to help raise money for such an important charity. If you are taking part do let me know so I can put you in contact with the Fundraising Manager.

Make sure you email me pictures of your challenges if you do so I can pull them together and share them on my blog

Good luck!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

*This is a non sponsored post written due to my involvement and close family connection with the charity 

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7 thoughts on “Can you raise £27.00 in 27 days for Macmillan?

  1. This is a lovely fundraising idea. I hope your mum is doing ok. Mamilla is a wo derail charity, will have a think how I can get involved as I’m currently a sahm and moved to a town where I don’t know anyone! I hope you raise lots in your office xx #anythinggoes

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