My fussy little eater!

So I am going to admit, I officially think I have a fussy eater. It gets worse. He isn’t fussy at nursery, just for me. Is he a fussy home eater then?

My daily report comes back to me when I pick him up from nursery and it is usually the following –

Eaten all breakfast (2 bowls), 2 servings of lunch, snacks and 2 servings of dinner. He eats more than me!!

Our weekend food report can only be described as a disaster. Breakfast is okay, he eats 2 Weetabix and some fruit or biscotti biscuits. He lures me in to a false sense of security and makes me believe it is all going to be fine, and then lunch time strikes.

coffee shop

A nice hot meal (courtesy of Ella’s kitchen) is served and we settle into our high chair. Then the first spoonful goes in, maybe a second, or even a third or fourth….and then, it’s over. The spoon flies out of his hand, the mouth turns up in disgust like I am trying to give him the cats food – he might prefer that more actually, and the drama continues.

So we opt for a safer option, sandwiches, quavers, fruit and cookies. Again, he plays around with the food, squishes it in his hand, on his face, and launches bits across the dining room and/or at me or Daddy.

By this time I am laughing (in despair)! Why is this child not eating a normal meal?

So I take all the food away as quickly as possible before any more gets trodden into my carpet (by me), tidy him up and attempt to forcefully advise that he is a naughty boy.

He laughs, continues to throw anything he can until I successfully collect all the excess food up and we continue on our day.

I am left to clear up a lot of mess, and he is left to play happily in his play room…

How does this work?

Please tell me this is a phase! If you have a child that throws their food and refuses to eat any substantial healthy meal please tell me your stories. If your child eats all their food perfectly, then no comment necessary.

Of course I am joking. Please tell me this will be over soon and it gets better?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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14 thoughts on “My fussy little eater!

  1. Henry is exactly the same. Nursery, “Henry ate his porridge, polished off his lunch and finished all his snacks”. Then when I feed him, cue aeroplanes, choo choo trains & ooo the hokey pokey to try and get him to eat his dinner. He just isn’t interested. Why have Ella’s organic chicken stew with sweet potato when he had freshly cooked fish pie at nursery? I’ve decided, it isn’t us, its them :o).

    Good luck – Renee @peonieandme #bestandworst x

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  2. Oh yes, we’ve been through that. I think it’s the encouragement of others at nursery. I figure she’ll eat if she’s hungry – because sometimes she’ll surprise us all and eat tons at home! – and don’t worry about it too much…although it’s frustrating preparing all that food to just throw it away.

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  3. You are not alone. My 2 year old won’t eat anything…ever! It is so frustrating. Sometimes he eats breakfast, occasionally he eats lunch but he will never ever eat his evening meal and that is usually the most nutritious. He doesn’t want healthy snacks but would happily scoff biscuits all day. Sorry I am not much help, just letting you know I know how you feel!xx #coolmumclub

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  4. As I was reading I was thinking…it’s just a phase…and you said it too. It’s hard to stay chilled about these things – especially as it feels such a waste of time and food! He isn’t going to starve…he’ll eat when he’s hungry. It’s tough though. Good luck! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub x

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