How to embrace the winter with your little ones

Winter can be seen as a depressing time of the year. The clocks go back and the nights draw in. With little ones, it can make it harder to entertain them as it is sometimes too cold to go outside, but they get bored inside. You cannot win.

Last year, little man was 3 months old so i wasn’t really going out much anyway. One year on and he is a little hurricane who just cannot be cooped up inside all day.

snow landscape

Gone are the days where i could just put on a hat and coat and go out in to town, nipping into shops and doing my Christmas shopping. I don’t want to drag him in and out of shops, in 5 layers getting hot and then cold, or taking the layers off and putting them all back on again. What a faff.

So i have come up with a plan to embrace the winter with my little man….

I will make an effort to wrap us both up warm and go on walks in the woods and the surrounding parks. The fresh air does us all good, and certainly tires him out.

If the weather prevents this, my next port of call is coffee or an early tea out. Our weekend routine prevents us from having lunch out. He has a lovely lunchtime nap, so a coffee and a muffin in the local coffee shop or an early dinner are the only options for us at the moment.

My third plan is to bake cakes, snuggle and watch films or do some painting. Films may be easy for parents with children slightly older than mine. My 15 month old doesn’t usually sit down for longer than 5 minutes. Although he was fascinated by Happy Feet last week and sat with daddy for an hour. Happy Feet on Sunday afternoon it is.

Lastly, I try to make plans with family and friends. This only works to a certain extent if your family are local. Enjoy brunch, or do afternoon tea and then they can help entertain the little ones taking pressure off.

As we live at least 180 miles from both sets of parents, booking weekends is how we make our plans. We have 3 weekends back to back now with family coming up.

This weekend is most definitely being spent chilling out just the three of us before a very busy lead up to Christmas.

What are your top tips for embracing winter with your little ones?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mami 2 Five
My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

9 thoughts on “How to embrace the winter with your little ones

  1. Winter is a difficult time of year to get out! Thankfully we just moved to the city so this winter we can at least escape to the mall. Somehow shopping always ends up as the go-to outing. 🙂 Excellent ideas, though! I’ll be keeping some of those in mind. If we have a super cold winter again though, I may not be able to take my kids for walks. Last winter we got down into the single digits for awhile and even below zero!


  2. You have some lovely ideas! My little girl is ten months old so I can just about get away with not having to go out of the house with her in the cold weather. But we have plenty of winter clothing to get nice and wrapped up when we do venture out of the house! Nothing beats nice crisp fresh air #fartglitter

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  3. We live very similar lives in the winter 🙂 Baking is my rainy day fall back plan. When we are feeling really brave we all get wrapped up and head to the beach. Tin Box Dog loves swimming in the sea whatever the weather. It’s fun to watch and the fresh air is great for tiring very one out #fartglitter

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  4. I have four kids in school who all do evening activities on various days, so the dark afternoons in winter really do make it difficult to do anything as all we want to do on our free days is snuggle in the warm! Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars x

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