How to pick your perfect party dress?

So it is finally here…my first Christmas blog post of the season! It also falls on Black Friday!

I have been trying to find the perfect party dress recently for my work Christmas party on 17th December. What better day to have a look for your party dress with all these discounts available?

I don’t go out much so I wanted to treat myself to something new and sparkly – especially as I couldn’t celebrate Christmas last year without bringing my little man with me as he was so little.

Since my styling session, this has also made it slightly harder as I want to make sure that it suits my shape and it is the right colour.

So here are a few questions to ask yourself or think about before you get started –

  1. To LBD or not LBD (Little black dress) – Black dresses aren’t brilliant for my colouring as I am so pale. They have a habit of washing me out and making me look even whiter. No LBD for me.
  2. If you have warm tones like I do, then look for sparkly dresses with gold rather than silver. Gold sparkles it is.
  3. Boobs or legs out? When dressing to impress, you shouldn’t really do both so pick your dress according to your best feature. I don’t really have anything to shout about in the top half, so shorter dress for me.
  4. Fitted dress or something a little different? This is personal taste, as everyone is different. I prefer fitted as it shows off my curves, but you can get some beautiful shaped dresses to showcase your features.

Now you are all set for party dress shopping for all those the festive events planned.

These are a few of my favourite dresses at the moment!


Top left – Aspen bead and sequin dress £165 French Connection, Bottom left -Mini Aztec high neck skater £70 Oasis (£52.50 today), Middle – Sequin dress £65 Oasis (£48.75 today), Right – Tinsel sequin dress £55 Warehouse (£49.50 today)

So dust off those heels, pop on some sparkly jewellery and celebrate the festive season in style.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mummy and Monkeys



8 thoughts on “How to pick your perfect party dress?

  1. These are a lovely selection of dresses… That’s the type of style I would prefer as well as I have not a lot to impress at the top. Great tips! #justanotherlinky

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