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Treasured Moments at Rufford Abbey

So this weekend we had my in-laws to stay. I had already touched on how hubby and I managed to have a date day on Saturday which was lovely.

What it did really do was give little man the opportunity to have a few days with his grandparents, which was equally as important.

They had a lovely time – they visited White Post Farm, went swimming and then on Sunday we all visited Rufford Abbey for a coffee and a walk around.

Treasuredmoments - week 2

I absolutely love Rufford Abbey, but i will admit i usually don’t do too much exploring – a walk around the lake does me fine. However we found the Children’s garden and play area this time which was fab.

We wandered around the lakes and fed the ducks until the birds joined in catching the bread in mid air, which was incredibly impressive. We decided that we ought to go for a coffee when little man started feeding himself the bread rather than the ducks.

We walked over to the Courtyard and enjoyed hot drinks and a few sandwiches and muffins whilst little man had his lunch. They did a really good selection of snacks and hot food which is perfect on a freezing cold day.

That was when we found the Children’s garden and play area. It was made up of all wooden tree houses, wooden horses to sit on and tunnels for the older children to crawl through. It was really nice to not have the traditional swings and slides, and for the children to use their own imagination when playing.

Little man loved the houses and was running in between them for ages peeking out one side to Daddy and the other side to Grandad.

Overall we really enjoyed Rufford Abbey for those few hours we were there. You could easily spend longer in the summer bringing picnics and playing outside in the grounds, but it was just too cold to stay outside for too long.

We had a lovely weekend, which finished in of course a quick house clean at the end of the day before the week started all over again.

The house will open for visitors again next week when my parents join us for lots of celebrations.

Do you all enjoy making the most out of the dry (but cold) weather with your little ones?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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6 thoughts on “Treasured Moments at Rufford Abbey

  1. what a wonderful sounding weekend, Rufford Abbey looks fantastic for a family day, lots of fresh air, a good play area and somewhere warm for coffee and cake, my idea of heaven! Please join me for Country Kids, it’s my linky for outdoor fun, this certainly ticks all the boxes! Popping by today from #TwinklyTuesday

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  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I love White Post farm and remember visiting as a kid myself! I haven’t been to Rufford Abbey but it looks like a great day out. As is always the case though – everywhere outdoors is so much more pleasant in the British summer isn’t it!? #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. Rufford Abbey looks lovey, the type of place that I bet is amazing for children in the summer. Although, despite the weather it looks like you all had a lovely time. The children play area looked great, its always nice to discover something a little bit different from the norm 🙂 #TwinklyTuesday

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