A Date Day…And finding a beautiful tea room! 

So on Saturday, Hubby and I had the opportunity to have a day out on our own without our little man.

The in laws came up for the weekend so we took the day out to go into Nottingham to do some shopping and enjoy some time with each other. It was just what we both needed.

We managed to get the majority of our Christmas shopping done, (not including each others) – I haven’t even started hubby’s yet!!

We stopped for hot chocolate in the most amazing tea room – The White Rabbit Tea House. It was vintage chic and incredibly beautiful.

white rabbit tea house

I will admit we started at Costa but looked through the window, saw the queue and turned back around. I had heard of this tea room before and it is a little tucked away from the main streets in the City so i was hoping that there would be space.

We ordered 2 hot chocolates and a piece of raspberry & lemon cake. As much as you cannot go wrong with a brand like Costa i was happy to experience a more unique and individual setting.

They also do sandwich lunches and amazing afternoon tea so i will definitely be returning.

So the day flew by shopping, enjoying hot chocolates, plus a trip to Nandos and most importantly having fun.

We did admit whilst sitting in Nandos that we missed little man immensely. It did feel that there was a part of me missing throughout the day, but it was also nice at the same time being out as a couple rather than a family.

There is no shame in admitting that. Hubby and I know we need to make some fundamental changes to our relationship, and we are working on these. Ultimately a happy partnership equals a happy family.

me and huby

A date day suits us more than an evening. Neither of which happen often due to our families not being local, but we are a pj and bedtime by 9pm sort of couple.

I would recommend a few hours during the day rather than an evening out anytime. We can enjoy ourselves and not be rushing through our meal wanting to get home to bed…

So what’s your choice – a day or a night date? And are you guilty of being a family and not making time for you as a couple?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

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12 thoughts on “A Date Day…And finding a beautiful tea room! 

  1. We do a lot of date days because quite frankly I am a zombie past 8.30pm which doesn’t make for a great date night companion haha. So important to make a point of doing this when you can to work on your relationship and not just be parents isn’t it! #FartGlitter

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  2. We have a friend who offers to babysit in the evenings occasionally but we rarely take him up on it as we are so tired mid week. Day dates are hard to come by but we snap them up when offered. Hoping to get a few more now that out tot is in nursery.

    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x

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  3. Ohh that coffee shop sounds fabulous and the cake looks pretty good too. I definitely think it’s important to have time as a couple, in fact myself and hubby are off to a big Christmas market this Saturday with another couple all by ourselves and I cannot wait! No nappy changes, no worrying about tantrums and just being able to chill for a few hours will be amazing. Lovely post and thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst x

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  4. That hot choccy looks amazing! I think I’m hungry. We are definitely date day advocates, we find it so much more relaxing and there’s not the worry about being tired. I do sometimes quite enjoy the date late afternoons/early evenings too which mean we aren’t tired but don’t have to do bedtime! #bestandworst

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  5. Absolutely love dates with the hubs..its so much more special now time is crazy with kiddos (not that wed have it any other way)! I love the white rabbit, there’s one near my inlaws, its so nice you got to go and have some yummy delights! Good luck with his shopping x #bestandworst

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  6. Looks like you had a lovely date day! My parents live in Nottingham and I love it – I’ve never heard of the tea room but will definitely need to hunt for it next time we visit. We are so guilty of not making enough time for each other as a couple, since like you we don’t have much family living near us. We’ve started to cook a slap up meal together every Friday and crack open a bottle of red which is working quite nicely and saves the hassle of getting babysitters – but we do need to get out more! #bestandworst


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