My Styling Session with Hayley Eleanor – PART 2

I learnt so much about my styling session with Hayley a few weeks ago, and it really has made me think about what I wear and the colours that go better together.

After the session, Hayley sent me a polyvore collage which had a few ideas of the pieces that I was missing from my wardrobe. This was useful as it took you straight to the link for you to purchase the clothes. Again, there is no obligation to spend much money if you don’t want to, but I think it does help buying a few pieces as it kick starts the new you, and points you in the right direction.

Spring Pop

Hayley also sent me a summary of what we had discussed based on the questions she asked at the session and after looking through my wardrobe.

She noted that basic and investment pieces should be neutral colours and to wear brighter colours for contrast.

There was also a useful comment about colours to avoid – bright colours with a cool blue tone like fuchsia and icy blue for example can make my skin look greyish and cold.

I had no idea that there were so many different tones of the same colour before this session….for example; I can wear grey, but warm greys suit me more than cool greys.


Another useful document that was sent over was about the styles of clothes to purchase. I think we are all in danger of buying items that we like but may not suit our body shape. I think the majority of the styles that were already in my wardrobe fitted quite well, it really was the colours that let me down.

Overall I really enjoyed the whole process and learnt so much about colours and styles.

favourite outfit IMG_2291 jumperyellow shirt

I will definitely continue to buy colours and styles that suit my shape and skin tones and I hardly wear black or white anymore either.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

*This is a collaborative post – visit Hayley’s website here  for packages and prices for a styling session 

Missed part one of My Styling Session with Hayley Eleanor? Find it here.


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4 thoughts on “My Styling Session with Hayley Eleanor – PART 2

  1. This is so cool! To be honest I am more of a – grab it and go, I don’t usually stray outside of the usual black and occassional patterned top! I love the brown skirt and stripy top you tried on though – maybe I might try something new next time i’m shopping! #PicknMix

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