My Styling Session with Hayley Eleanor PART 1

2 weeks ago I enjoyed a styling session thanks to Hayley Eleanor. I have always loved fashion but never thought of myself as fashionable. I had so many different items of clothing in my wardrobe and I wanted to use this opportunity to have a complete tidy up. 

I was always one for comfort dressing but was never actually that comfortable with the types of clothes I wore. That’s where Hayley really helped me think about the types of outfit that suited me and the colours that would work best together. 

I chose the Complete Style Package which included a mini wardrobe review, a written summary of advice for my body shape, a list of suggested pieces and a fabric colour swatch that fits neatly in my handbag when I go on shopping trips in the future.

IMG_2330 IMG_2331

So on a dreary Sunday morning, I sent hubby and little man food shopping, whilst I enjoyed a 2 hour consultation discussing all things fashion.

Hayley asked me a host of questions to get started, such as what my favourite colour was…i said bright pink, what I have most of in my wardrobe…I said I wasn’t sure, and many more questions.

This  was to find out the sort of styles that I liked and what might be missing in my wardrobe. The interesting thing was that with my skin tone, I dont particularly suit bright pink….it doesn’t mean I can’t wear pink, it just means there is a better shade that would suit me better. 

I then had my measurements taken which showed that I have a well-balanced body shape with my hips and shoulders inline. My waist is also quite slim so tailored shapes would instantly look better on me.

Hayley then started a colour analysis by draping me in a white cloth and putting different shades of colour across my neckline. It was incredibly interesting to see the different colours and what it did to my face. For example, white drained me, as did black, whereas colours like coral, greens, teals and yellow made my skin look much healthier.


It was fascinating to clearly see right before my eyes the change in the colour of my skin simply by the top I was wearing. 

Hayley made me feel at ease the whole time. She answered all of my random questions that I had about the colours; she also suggested that if there was a colour that suited me like yellow, then why not add this in through a scarf for example, rather than a top straight away. Yellow and orange were both colours that I would have stayed away from before this, which is why the session was so interesting and beneficial. 

After we had finished, we then took a peek in my wardrobes. 

As Hayley started putting things in colour order, it became apparent that I had a lot of black dresses, not a lot of basic pieces, and none of the colours that actually suited me.

We went through lots of different ideas for outfits, and which colours look best with what. My wardrobe was looking emptier by the second, but in a positive way. Hayley checked with me first about how harsh we were going to be with the clothes clear out, and to be honest I had so many old pieces in there there wasn’t that many items that I would really miss. 

So the 2 hours flew by having learnt so much, especially about the colours. I was excited to look for new items of clothing to slot into a few gaps in my wardrobe..none of which were expensive purchases. 


My husband however has returned home and is lying down in a dark room clutching on to his credit card…..for now.

Join me next week to see my newly laid out wardrobe, find out how it has made it easier for me to get dressed every day using the right combination of colours, and why I feel more confident. 

*This is a collaborative post 

Mummy and Monkeys



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