An empty sideboard = a boring dining room!

For those of you that follow my blogs we recently got a sideboard for our dining room. Our house is very plain, simple and quite clinical as we moved into a brand new house nearly 18 months ago. Since having little man our priorities haven’t been to organise and decorate the house…until now.

First stop…sideboard. Check.


Second stop….ornaments for the side board. Sort of check.

I developed a list of pretty and colourful ornaments and frames which i would like to add to our dining room which are the colours of our dining room and living room.

bottle glass bowl heart candles frame heart gems me&you sign

All of these are from places like Next and Tesco Home and are really not expensive.

We also ordered this lamp from John Lewis which will be turning up this week. It will be nice to finally pull the room together other than a few pictures and a mirror that needs putting up on the wall.


We are hoping that we can finish off the little decorative ornaments by Christmas and then the wallpapering and painting begins in the New Year….

What are your home improvement plans? Do any fall into a New Years resolution?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Home Etc

8 thoughts on “An empty sideboard = a boring dining room!

  1. I’m hoping to decorate my bedroom. It’s the last room in the house that’s not changed since my partner bought the house!. I love the idea of a sideboard but I know it would end up being another place for clutter to accumulate!

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  2. That sideboard is just beautiful, it’s always nice when you can find a great piece that will last and then you can accessorise it however you want. I do find that these home projects feel never-ending don’t they? Our plans for next year include a new front door and a new living room ceiling, sigh! X #HomeEtc

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  3. Love the sideboard, and the candles are sweet! We have just moved into a new build home and so we don’t have much renovation work to do just simple decorating which will be for the new year!! Thanks for linking up and sharing with us – much appreciated 🙂 Jess xx


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