A letter to my little boy

To my little (big) boy

The week was finally here. You have moved up to the next room at nursery. Things will seem bigger to you than what you are used to and it will be new and strange. You will get used to it and I know that you will love it as much as you did your yellow room.

You will make new friends and see new people every day. There will be new toys, new routines, new sounds and sights, new activities to conquer.

It is hard to believe that you have been at nursery for 8 months already when you are only 14 months old.

To see how much you change every day and at weekends when I notice it the most is astonishing. You are so clever and bright…and incredibly nosey.


I love how confident you are becoming. You are extremely outgoing and such an amazing little boy.

I felt upset when I found out that you were moving up to a new room, but I know you will continue to do well and thrive in your new environment.

Things don’t stay the same for long. I realise that more than ever now I have you. I struggle with change sometimes, but I am trying to make sure that you will never need to worry about anything. Let mummy do the worrying for you; that is what I am here for.

It feels like we are starting at the beginning again. I want to protect you and make sure that no one hurts you but I know I cannot. You have to figure some things out on your own.


All you need to know is that mummy and daddy are here for you and will protect you and comfort you forever. You will always come before anyone and anything else.

We want you to experience as much as you can. We want to show you the world because you are our world and we owe that to you.

You were amazing this week and will continue to take everything in your stride – you always do.


We are so proud of you.

Love always

Mummy & Daddy

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6 thoughts on “A letter to my little boy

  1. Aw, bless! Wiping a wee tear away from my eye. We’re thinking about putting our lad in nursery for the first time in January and I’m terrified. Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter x

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  2. Such a sweet letter! It’s hard sometimes having to deal with the reality of our kids growing up. Even harder to let them face things on their own. You seem to be handling it very well! #fartglitter

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