The Best Bits : On Sunday

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It has been a relatively quiet week this week. I have still not had confirmation on when little man is moving up to the big room at nursery, but we have started to tweak his routine and drop his morning nap to make it easier for the transition.

With him moving up and also moving up to the next class in his puddle ducks swimming lessons there are a lot of change to come our way.

Saturday has been the longest day ever…with no morning nap, a short doze in the car to swimming, a fab trip to a play centre and then keeping him up late, its not just been little man that’s been out of sorts.

The best thing to happen this week was to get asked to become a regular blogger for I am super excited and cannot wait to share my experiences with a new network of mums.


My second best bit this week was meeting little mans friend for an afternoon at a local play centre. I still cannot decide whether I generally like play centres or not. They are great for basically tiring the children out, and ideal for them to run around and you not have to worry about clearing up afterwards….okay maybe I do like them after all.

Catching up with my friend and her little one was lovely and such a great activity on a grey and dreary day. The hubbys even came along too.

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My worst bit this week has been the guilt…not the working mummy guilt but the ‘mummy time’ guilt. Hubby and I try our best to work together at weekends with looking after little man but we try and give each other an hour or so on our own too. It was a particularly busy day on Saturday and Sunday is going to be no better.


I decided to take myself away to the gym at 5pm on Saturday night and was overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt. Why should I be able to leave for an hour and hubby not be able to? How ridiculous is that…I know. So I rushed through the workout and drove on home. Needless to say they were both fine and hubby was fine with me not being there. Is it just me that feels overwhelmed sometimes and needs to get away, but when you do, you feel guilty for leaving daddy on his own ‘babysitting?’

How have your weeks all been and how do you deal with ‘mummy time’ guilt?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

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One thought on “The Best Bits : On Sunday

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been suffering from mummy guilt, but it sounds completely unfounded if you ask me Mothering is such an all-consuming job, you definitely need to take time out for an hour or so at the weekend – if only to keep yourself sane! It also allows daddy some uninterrupted bonding time, so don’t worry about it. I’m a big believer in ‘fasten your own life mask before you attempt to help others fasten theirs’ You will be no good to anybody if you don’t look after yourself too. xxxx


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