Special Occasions….Are we forgetting what’s really important?

Last week was a week of celebrations with hubby’s birthday and our 4 year wedding anniversary, but why was I not that bothered about it all?

To me, they are just normal days with a few presents and cards thrown in for good measure.

Does that make me a bad person….or even a mean one?

When asked what I was getting hubby for his birthday, my answer was ‘Just a few little things and a special gift from the little man’….what else does he need? When asked what I was getting him for our anniversary, my answer was – Nothing.

To me I would much rather have flowers and thoughtful gifts bought for me on those ‘normal’ days rather than because he feels he has to as it is a special day in the calendar. We had agreed that we wouldn’t get each other anything but we would make an effort to go out for dinner on our own at some point.

rose man

I wasn’t always like that. As much as I love lots of presents and vouchers (doesn’t anyone?), now I have a family of my own I would much rather go out for the day, have a nice lunch together or have a weekend away making memories.

Although, note for hubby……a few special presents here and there wouldn’t go amiss!

I did find some great presents when looking for his birthday this year though. Men are so difficult to buy for and when I ask, I get greeted with the standard ‘I don’t want anything really.’

I love for special gifts and I found a cute holder for cufflinks and his watch which I got engraved to say ‘Daddy’s things.’ It is a lovely keepsake item but also incredibly useful.


I struggle with loungewear for him as he is 6ft 3 and no trousers really fit him without being just below his calf and looking ridiculous – not that he is bothered obviously. NEXT do an amazing range where you can select ‘long leg’ so I would recommend their loungewear for any tall men out there.


I won’t use this post to boast about how being married is amazing and confess my eternal love to my husband. That isn’t me, or us a couple. A successful marriage takes work and understanding. We are still finding the right balance now we have our little man, and finding time for ourselves. Click here to read more on my ‘Merits of Marriage’ post I wrote back in August.

I am of course incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the past 4 years and building such a wonderful little family and life together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We will continue to work together as a couple and as parents and always do the best for each other and our little man.

IMG_0002 IMG_0010 IMG_0012

So is there too much pressure on buying extravagant gifts for occasions these days? Are we in danger of forgetting what really matters?

Signing off for the day

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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13 thoughts on “Special Occasions….Are we forgetting what’s really important?

  1. Ah, you are right. There is a lot of pressure to buy extravagant gives when what really matters is appreciating each other every single day. It doesn’t sound romantic but it is the little gifts – him doing a load of washing, or you buying him some beer to watch the football, that really count. #TwinklyTuesday

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  2. It’s definitely a fine balance. We don’t do extravagant surprises for each other but on the odd occasion that a special date has been overlooked all together it’s been a bit disappointing. This year we both forgot our second wedding anniversary which was a real shame, just busy with a new baby and intercity relocation, the date got away on us! We’ll do better next year! #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. I totally agree and glad I’m not the only one. We don’t really do presents anymore for each other it’s all about the kids. I also feel the same about gifts not just being for special occasions because when they are presented to me without an occasion it’s so much more special #twinklytuesday xx

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  4. Great post and one I can completely relate to. We have gradually stopped making a big deal of special occasions, preferring instead to do something together as a family, BUT…this past year I have been thinking that perhaps I made a bit of a mistake as now I’m lucky to get anything as a surprise – my husband is the type who would prefer to tell me to pick something up for myself when we go shopping. This does take all of the romance/thoughtfulness out of it and I’ve started to think that I actually would like it back – I don’t think that a thoughtful gift a couple of times a year is too much to ask 🙂 x

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  5. My husband and I share the same philosophy as your family. Any day can be a special occasion – it’s the moments like sharing a joke, a proud Parenting moment or just being on a picnic and the kids are getting along that you realise hey, life is not bad at all and you clink your plastic cups of cordial. Happy Anniversary! #brilliantblogpost

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  6. Don’t get me wrong – I love presents as much as the next girl – but I think setting time aside to be together as a family – especially nowadays is more of a special treat and effort than buying something from the store ! totally agree – love the cufflink and watch holder though it’s a fab idea for the boys (who are annoyingly difficult to buy for) – thanks for sharing #sundaystars

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  7. You are right. We don’t tend to do much for anniversary – we just have a drink and go out!!!!! We don’t really know what to get each other anymore, when you have most things you want. Happy anniversary 🙂 Thanks for linking up. Jess xx


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  8. My hubby and I have never been ones for extravagant gifts. It is always the ones that have a lot of meaning behind or thought gone into that mean the most. One of the sweetest was on our first wedding anniversary he got the florist who had made up my wedding bouquet to put together a bunch of flowers with the same flowers in as then. I can’t honestly remember presents from other anniversaries, but I don’t think I will ever forget those.
    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

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  9. I totally subscribe to this. We don’t celebrate Valentines day for the exact same reason; why can’t you show your affections on any random day of the year instead!?! We don’t buy presents for each wedding anniversary either but will celebrate next year as it’s 15 years! That DEFINITELY deserves a prize!!! 😉 Thanks so much for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again tomorrow!

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