My ‘Sunday’ Best Bits….plus some snack ideas for toddlers!

I am absolutely exhausted today. It has been a long but short week this week and I was happy when Friday afternoon came and I could have a few days at home with my family.

Little man is teething…again and he isn’t eating very much at the moment. He also woke up twice last night so I was awake at midnight and 2am lying him back down with his bunny. He usually loses him in amongst the rather large stuffed animal collection forming at the bottom of his cot. I was then up at 4am because the cat got me up and then my alarm went off at 6am…..snooze!!


We are enjoying grapes and bananas at the moment with waffles so at least he is eating some things, just not ‘normal’ meals. Actually, is there such a thing for a toddler? I have been experimenting with food for him recently as he has started to get a little fussy and have come up with the following which he seems to enjoy, and most are healthy and nutricious –

  • Crumpets
  • Bananas, grapes, blueberries…any soft sort of fruit
  • Sweet waffles toasted
  • Sweetcorn rings
  • Raisins (must be his favourite food EVER)
  • Ricecakes
  • Ella’s Kitchen cookies
  • Toast or bread with cheese or jam or just butter


Trying to get him to eat hot meals appear somewhat of a challenge so I am hoping once his teeth settle down, we can start having some stews, pastas and warm foods rather than what can only be described as picnic food.

My first ‘best bit’ this week was getting an email from his Puddle Ducks class to say that we need to move up to the next lesson. I am so proud of my little man and he is doing so well in the water. I am so glad I started taking him to classes when he was only a few months old.


My second ‘best bit’ this week is my Saturday morning run. I love the little runs I do, it is a little me time before the day gets going and things get crazy. I also shaved 1 minute off my fastest time this week so was weirdly pleased with myself – considering I am not really that bothered about the whole doing a marathon thing or anything involving lots of training and miles. A half hour jog will do nicely thank you.

IMG_2193 IMG_2273

I am going to be spending my Sunday Christmas shopping and getting a winter coat for little man today. Bad mummy hasn’t invested in one yet and I need to as the cold is definitely settling in for the winter so watch this space.

What has your best bits been this week?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

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5 thoughts on “My ‘Sunday’ Best Bits….plus some snack ideas for toddlers!

  1. Oh I loved reading this – my 2 and half year old is also teething (does it never end??!), he is not eating anything and is sooooo grizzly. So my favourite part of this week was when he ate a plate of spaghetti. He is also weirdly addicted to oatcakes and peanut butter (the super dry healthly stuff), you could try it! Thanks for making me feel better x #bestandworst

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  2. I am so completely unorganised at the moment that I havent done any christmas shopping at all, so kudos to you for getting that done early.
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

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