My Sunday Best – at Center Parcs…

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I am writing this post sat at the dining room table at Center Parcs looking out at the Woodland and it is very therapeutic. We have had a few teething problems (literally for little man as we have had a few poop explosions and dribble-fests) but mainly with getting me to chill out a little. I suffered from a massive stress headache on Friday which was far from ideal. Little man is loving it though and it is great to see him so happy and busy – taking his mind off his teething problems at least.

My first Sunday Best is my cat Bennie (long story behind the name). Now I realised that since starting my blog I have failed to mention him so felt like I had to now. We call him our tiger cub as he is pretty huge. Little man loves him although I am not sure that the feelings are reciprocated at the moment.


My second Sunday Best is my journalism course. I am nearly half way through which is scary as that means Christmas must be round the corner – that’s when it’s due to finish. I have learnt so much so far. Don’t get me wrong, its really hard work, and I have to work at weekends to get the course work done, as well as look at my blog posts and plans for the week, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My final Sunday Best is being at Center Parcs with the family. We went bowling on Friday afternoon which after little man got used to it, he loved. At one point we were running after him as he was running down the bowling alley. He has provided us with lots of laughs so far, with many more to follow I am sure.


What has your weeks best bits been?

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