Fashion & Gossip Fuelled Friday!

This week has been pretty hectic and I have been in and out of the doctors like a yo yo! I had a long day on Wednesday and I didn’t see little man at all, so cannot wait to spend some time with him this weekend.

He is picking up every little thing now so am now going to have watch what I say ie. no naughty words.

To pick me up on Thursday after a long day on Wednesday I chose my new Oasis Dress to get me through the day. I also had a really exciting meeting about my blog so I am really happy and cannot wait to continue on my new blogging and journalism path.

IMG_2178 IMG_2177 IMG_2176

I also took a look at the Daily Mail website and Amal Clooney has taken criticism for her bunions this week. It just shows that she is only human and suffers just like every other woman who chooses high heels over comfortable footwear. I really don’t think she has to care too much, considering she is married to George Clooney and is a successful lawyer all on her own.

amal clooney

I always tend to wear inappropriate shoes and have awful feet because of it. The joys of being a woman. I just wish I had the wardrobe that Amal has to make it all worth while.


Pick of the week 1

rebel pendant £65

Rebel Pendant – £65.00 Stella & Dot (comes in rose gold, gold or silver)

I have loved this pendant for a really long time as I wear a lot of plain tops so enjoy dressing them up with nice pieces of jewellery. This is perfect and has also been seen on the likes of Selena Gomez and in Look Magazine.

Pick of the week 2

Trim Tube Dress £42

Trim Tube Dress – £42.00 Oasis Stores

I featured the jacket in one of my previous fashion pages and found the dress to match so I am very excited. It looks lovely and such a nice dress for this time of year with the long sleeves especially. I like that it is fitted so will look nice with a pair of boots when I am running my weekend errands with the little man.

Enjoy your weekend.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO
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