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Reflections and white chocolate brioche pudding!

It feels like ages ago that we had our super little holiday visiting Somerset and Cornwall. It was such a lovely time away and great to get to go out on my first date night with hubby since October last year….that’s crazy!


We were able to take advantage of being with Nanny & Grandad, as they would get up early with little man every morning at 6.30am, so we could have a little lie in. Usually I would catch up on emails or watch some catch up TV in bed, I cant really sleep any later anyway.

We would all go to the beach, or go swimming, something fun for us all to do and enjoy together. Little man absolutely loved the beach and the park. I think the sea air did him good as he was always super tired at bed time.

IMG_2108 IMG_2113IMG_2081

Sunday was our family day where little mans Uncles and Aunties came over to see him. We all went out to a soft play centre and I don’t think he wanted to go home – neither did his Uncle.

We all had a Sunday Roast after little man went to bed and I cooked a special raspberry and white chocolate brioche pudding – under my Mother in Laws helpful watch. It was so easy to make so I thought I would share the recipe with you all!



1 Brioche Loaf – Cubed, 2 tubs of raspberries, 2 packs of white chocolate buttons, 3 eggs, 50ml of raspberry vodka, 500ml double cream, 75ml crème fraiche and icing sugar


  1. Soak the raspberries in the vodka
  2. Layer the brioche, buttons and 2 thirds of the raspberries up in a large shallow dish
  3. Save a few nicer brioche pieces, buttons and the additional raspberries for the top layer and place ‘strategically’ – so it looks pretty
  4. Mix the eggs, cream and crème fraiche together until it looks like a custard
  5. Pour over the layered brioche, chocolate and raspberries
  6. Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 200 degrees
  7. Once cooled, sprinkle icing sugar and serve

IMG_2134 IMG_2140 IMG_2139

This was such a simple pudding and very yummy. This one wasn’t suitable for children given the alcohol but it is easy enough to make it without that specific ingredient. The little ones can then help put it altogether and enjoy eating it after their Sunday dinners too.

Hubby and I always reflect on our time away on our long drive back up north. We notice how families change more, and we wonder if this is to do with the fact we don’t see them every day/week. We are so independent and rely solely on each other on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. This can be difficult especially if little man is poorly and we have to juggle work around looking after him. We cant just call Nanny and ask for her to come and look after him for 2 days until his sickness bug has gone, for example.

IMG_2115 IMG_2122 IMG_2099

These things are tough, and so is seeing families changing and having ‘inside jokes’ that we will never understand. Unfortunately moving away was our choice and it is our responsibility to bring up our own little family the best we can. If anything, it gives us the determination we need to show that we can do it…and do it well.

There really isn’t any other way.

I always wonder if there are any others that live away from their families and bring up their little ones with just mummy and daddy. I would love to hear your stories.

Signing off for the day

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