My Sunday Best!

My Sunday Best is a new Sunday post which will showcase the best things about Busy Working Mummy’s week.

This weeks first Sunday Best is our week in the South West visiting both sets of little mans Nanny’s and Grandad’s. I took this picture on our last day in Cornwall out of the velux window. I genuinely didn’t want to go back to work on Wednesday which is very rare for me.


My second Sunday Best is having my nails done. I used to get them done every 3 weeks but haven’t had them done for ages, so was super excited to find an hour to get them done again. They make me feel like me so I am super happy and cant keep staring at them as its been that long.


My last Sunday Best is my new gym t-shirts I bought this week. I don’t think I have ever been that eager to get to the gym and wear them to be honest.

To make yourself go to the gym I would definitely recommend investing in some quality and quirky clothing!


The worst thing about my week is that little man will be moving to a different room at nursery over the next few months. I am deeply saddened by this as it is a sign that he isn’t a baby anymore. It is also so difficult as you feel like you are starting the process of sending him to nursery all over again. I have built such good relationships with the girls that look after him, and he loves them too. To have to think about taking him to a new room every day isn’t worth thinking about at the moment. I will put it in my little blog box and not think about it now until it happens.

Have a lovely Sunday. What is your Sunday Best?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Stopping at two


4 thoughts on “My Sunday Best!

  1. This is so lovely. I haven’t had my nails done in forever. I must get it booked in. What a lovely colour too! Not sure I have the motivation to go back to the gym since having my little one. #mummymonday

    Being Mrs Lynch


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