Do you know someone fighting cancer? Support Macmillan’s Coffee Morning this week!


This is my mum and I at a concert in May this year. Who knew that in a matter of weeks, I would be getting a phone call to say:

‘So, your mum’s got stage 2 breast cancer.’

I won’t forget where I was when my dad called me and I heard those words that no child wants to hear about any of their family, let alone their mother.

You always hear about a friend who’s mum or dad has just been diagnosed with cancer, yet at no point do you ever think that one day you will be the ‘friend’ that people talk about to say ‘Oh have you heard who’s mum isn’t very well….’

Well unfortunately that time is now here.

mumwig1 mumwig

So the call went on for several minutes until I put the phone down agreeing to call later once little man was in bed and it had sunk in.

Since that day, mum has had 2 operations; the first which removed the lump and some lymph nodes, and a second as unfortunately the cancer was found in more than one of those, so a fortnight later, she was back in to remove the rest.

Luckily the next follow up appointment was more positive. It had only spread into the 1 and a half nodes that they had taken out in the first place.

Mum was then advised that she would need chemotherapy in order to destroy the cancer cells.

I am writing this and mum is now 2 treatments in. They happen every 3 weeks and will happen until after Christmas. She is doing really well now, after the first session which resulted in her needing to sleep half way through and feeling very sick. They got the anti-sickness drugs ready for her return.

She has also now lost all her hair so I have been down to help her choose wigs and accessorise with scarves and sparkly jewels.


What I have found so difficult is living so far away and feeling so helpless in a situation where you should be able to be there for your family. I speak to mum every day to see how she is getting on, and she has good days and bad days. I have also been down for a few day trips for vital doctor appointments.

The positive in a situation like this is that it looks like mum will be okay after the treatment finishes…..and she may even have a new hair colour. Out of the 4 of us – Mum, dad, my brother and I, Mum is the only one without ginger hair. Maybe she was destined to have ginger hair after all…we will see what colour it grows back!


I want to share my experience with it being the Macmillan Coffee Morning this Friday, 25th September. With one in three of us having to face cancer in our life time, what Macmillan do to make sure that no one has to face it alone is amazing.

So go and bake a cake, go to a coffee morning and go and do it for all those people that you know of that has a family member fighting cancer at the moment – you now know one more!

Signing off for the day

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Disclaimer – I have written this post as it is something that is close to my heart.

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