Why I am so hard on myself and how I finally managed to pack with minimal stress!

I write this post sat at my in-laws and I realise on reflection that I made it away….with minimal stress, and I am enjoying myself!

I finally packed on Tuesday night, the night I had been dreading since writing my post about my dislike for packing. Click here if you missed it. I have realised that I can do it without going completely nuts….well maybe not completely.

It is only right that I share my top tips for a lunatic free packing house –

  1. Have a glass of wine in hand at all times
  2. Pack your child’s bag first and think about it in a logical order – wake up, get changed (need clothes), eat breakfast (need bowls and spoons), and so on…..
  3. Pack your own bag next in a logical order like your child’s – the only difference is you need to add an additional 3 pairs of shoes and an extra couple of outfits ‘just in case’
  4. Yell at hubby and demand that he packs his own bag so you don’t have any responsibility over what he forgets
  5. Go through hubbys bag once he is done and point out what he has forgotten anyway
  6. 3 bags are now packed (minus toiletries) with minimal stress

So with packing done and cat to the cattery, its time to go on holiday. I will be doing a holiday collage post about what we have been up to next week.


Whilst being away little man has been amazing and very adaptable. Children can be incredibly adaptable, and this is something that I need to continue to remind myself in order to avoid stressing out about the tiniest of things.

We have had a lovely couple of days, although on Friday he had a grumpy day.


Now I am lucky that these days are few and far between with my little man but when they happen I feel like a bad mummy who is unable to make him happy. So why am I so hard on myself?

The issue is that I strive to be perfect at all times, and expect my family to follow suit. Well my 1 year old clearly hasn’t got the memo. So when we are out for coffee, and he is kicking off and not eating his lunch, instead of listening and trying to make him happy I am more worried about what other people are thinking about us. Are they tutting under their breath that that mother cannot control their child?


Why do I feel like this? Because I made myself like this. Why do I care what people think?

I am slowly learning not to care what others think, but it is a slow process. It did get me thinking, does anyone else feel pressure about showcasing a perfect family in public, and do you get embarrassed when your little one starts kicking off?

So lets make a pact. The next time our little ones kick off in public when they are having a grumpy day…..

Take a breath, and focus on them rather than the people around watching, and hopefully that will make it easier.

Signing off for the day

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

You Baby Me Mummy

One thought on “Why I am so hard on myself and how I finally managed to pack with minimal stress!

  1. I think we all feel like this. My hubby gets really bothered about what others think when Baby is kicking off. Parenting is so tough! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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